22, Happy and New

A big warm welcome to our new students today.


Yuriko, Rahel, Andrea, Sabrina, Salone, Natsumi, Yuka, Mayu, Yuki, Milena, Kazuma, Yoona, Yanick, Umi, Michele, Lucien, Aylin, Mara, Patricia, Jules, Isabel, and Queena

Sunrise or Sunset?A class for everyone

Are you a sunrise or a sunset person? If you study in our sunset classes check out the student notice board for the new range of activities especially for you guys.

Our afternoon into early evening classes are growing in popularity.  Currently we have a Cambridge First exam preparation, Cambridge Advanced exam preparation and a Fast Track B1 class running from 1pm to 6.30pm every day.

These are all serious, five hour, teacher led classes for students who want a more academic program. But that doesn’t mean they should miss out on some fun social time. Those students who are not working in the mornings, can now enjoy meeting with one of the sunset teachers for a variety of activities that change every week.


This week’s morning activities are Body boarding at Main Beach, Vegan Cooking and Coffee Club. So sunset students – get signing up!!

Comparing Countries in our Class

20160226_105209In our Upper Intermediate class we have been graced with students from a number of countries. Having such diversity is incredibly useful because we are able to expand our understanding of different cultures as well as cultural norms. We decided to pair up and have a serious discussion about these “differences” and hopefully discover some similarities in the process. We hope you will feel more educated about the differences after reading this. And we hope like us, you’ll celebrate the diversity that we have on Earth.

Spain vs Switzerland

Spain is far sunnier than Switzerland.

Swiss women generally aren’t nearly as tanned as Spanish women.

Driving in Spain is a great deal more dangerous than in Switzerland.

Swiss people drink almost as much as Spanish people.

Belgium vs Japan

Belgian sushi isn’t nearly as tasty as Japanese sushi.

In Japan, people are far more punctual than in Belgium.

Japanese chocolates are nowhere near as good as Belgian chocolates.

The jetlag is a great deal more intense for Belgian tourists than for their Japanese counterparts when traveling to Australia.

Australia vs Switzerland and Germany

Germany is nowhere near as beautiful as Australia.

Australia doesn’t have nearly as much historic architecture as Germany.

McDonalds in Switzerland isn’t any tastier than Australian McDonalds.

Germany is nowhere near as enormous as Australia.

Korea vs Germany

The rice consumption in Germany isn’t nearly as big as it is in Korea.

There are far more skyscrapers in the Korean cities than in German ones.

The seasons in Germany are almost the same as in Korea.

Living in Germany is nearly as expensive as living in Korea.

Brazil vs Switzerland

Switzerland is nowhere near as sunny as Brazil

The Brazilian people are nowhere near as punctual as the Swiss.

There are almost as many beautiful places in Switzerland as in Brazil.

Brazilians are definitely as nice as the Swiss.


Sunday Market Job!!

There is a fantastic job going at the beautiful Noosa Markets every Sunday.

It  will be at a Japanese Food store.

You will need to work 5 hours. Start at 7am and finish at 12pm.

Contact Kondo on 0409 969 563 or by email ksbykel8@netspace.net.com if you are interested.

If you go down to the beach today.

Between November and March Green and Loggerhead turtles visit our beautiful shores to lay their eggs. After 60 days the baby turtles hatch.

If you are very enthusiastic, there are official turtle hatching tours that you can book, especially in the Bundaberg and Barrier Reef areas. However, one of the best kept secrets is that we have  turtles visiting our local Beaches and baby turtles are hatching right now. I was lucky enough to see the little turtles rushing from the sand dunes to the ocean at Sunshine Beach recently. There are also nests from Alexandra Bay to Coolum.

The mother turtles usually come ashore at night and if you are an early morning beach walker, look out for the ‘turtle tracks’ leading from the shore line to the sand dunes. The baby turtles can hatch at any time.

So, keep your eyes open when you are taking those beautiful long beach walks, you may be in for a big surprise.

For more information , check out: http://www.ehp.qld.gov.au/wildlife/watching/turtles/index.html

The Lexis Journey

A little bit of extra communication really goes a long way.

Your first morning at Lexis will be a busy one. You will meet your new international friends and have an orientation and placement test. (Yes, whoopee, a nice grammar and vocabulary test followed by a piece of writing). After a coffee break, you will meet with a senior member of the academic staff (Becky, Annette, Nina and Tanya)  to discuss your study plan and choose the best classes for your needs.  If you are coming for more than twelve weeks a formal pathway plan will be mapped out with your long term goals in mind.  Of course, everyone is given our English Only contract to sign and reminded how important it is to adhere to our “English Only” policy.

Two weeks later we follow up on your study plan.


Annette and Marta catching up to discuss Marta’s study plan.

By then you have settled into classes, homestay or student house, and usually have a better idea of how the school works. We make sure that you are happy with your classes, teachers and your progress.  Most students give great feedback and it is wonderful to see their progress within even two weeks.

However, we can also pick up problems at this follow-up interview. We can change the class if the level is too high or too low, we can talk in more detail about different pathways: Are you happy with the General English class you are in? What kind of course do you need for your individual future? Is IELTS the better course or should you do a Cambridge Exams course once you have reached a certain level of language competence? Do you want a morning class or would you prefer one of our afternoon classes because you found a job?

We know how difficult it can be, to be suddenly immersed not only in English but also in a completely different culture and lifestyle. Problems in homestay or student house can be addressed and dealt with by our accommodation staff.

Every four weeks, your class teacher will meet with you one on one to give you a written report on your progress. This is an important opportunity for you to also give your teacher feedback on whether your needs are being met fully.

Although these formal interviews are planned ahead, you are welcome to come and meet with an Academic team member at any time. Our office door is always open for a chat or advice or help with a problem.

In your last week, your teacher will give you a final exit report with your end grades for your leaving certificate. You will also be asked to complete a graduation survey. We always read these surveys very seriously so please remember to hand them to reception and thankyou in advance.

Enjoy your Lexis Journey, we look forward to meeting you soon.


Your Monday Morning Welcome Team: Tanya, (Academic teacher) Becky, (Academic Manager) Annette, (Senior Teacher) and Nina (Cambridge Exams Manager)



Superlatives the fun way!

Matt’s and Sarah’s Intermediate General English classes joined forces to practise Superlatives in a  different way: “Who has the biggest mouth?” “Who is the strongest?” The pictures are proof – learning grammar can be fun!

Fast Track to Great English

The next round of Sunset Fast Track general English classes begin Monday March 7th.

Designed for students who feel they need to focus more on revising and remembering English learnt in the past, or those who want to move at a faster pace; students study two units per week covering an entire course book in six weeks.

The classes are run in the afternoons, early evening and are popular with students who work in the busy local cleaning industry in the mornings.

Students in fast track classes have the benefit of the same teacher for five hours each day. The first four hours concentrate on the curriculum of the core course text and the fifth hour gives students the opportunity to consolidate and have individual consultation. Testing and reporting are conducted in the same way as the other general English courses.

In response to student requests, there will be morning activities provided on three days per week for those students who are not working. These will include a conversation group at a local coffee shop, guided walks in the National Park, swimming at the beach or a picnic by the river.

Fast Track005

Sunny Smiles for Starters today

A warm welcome to our new students starting today. It was lovely to welcome you to our family.


Rebecca (Germany), Leonie (Switzerland). Maho, Ayaka, Ayano and Hiroki (Japan), Daniela (Chile)

Our happy students are here to study general English, IELTS and English and surfing. Have fun everyone.


Welcome New Students

A sunny Noosa welcome to our new students from Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Italy, France and Serbia tody.


Emiko, Miho, Mari, Laila, Sandra, Suzuho, Stefan, Yoko, Misaki, Yu Bin, Changwoo, Melania, Fabia, Viviane, Tomoko, Milica

Lexis English Video Competition!

Would you like to win a $1000 Backpackers World Travel voucher to explore Australia?

Enter our school-wide video competition and be in the running to win this amazing prize! Videos should be under 2 minutes & feature your studying experience at Lexis –school, classmates, fun times and location.

To submit your entry simply:

  1. Go to your Lexis English Group on Facebook
  2. Click Add Photo/Video at the top of the group
  3. Click Upload a Photo/Video and select your video – under 2 minutes
  4. Comment with your name followed by “entry for the Destination Lexis Competition
  5. When you’re ready to share, click Post
  6. Five of the most creative videos from each campus will be selected as finalists
  7. Videos must be submitted to your Facebook group page by Friday, 11th March 2016
  8. The finalists will be uploaded onto Lexis’ YouTube channel & the most likes win!

Terms & Conditions apply.

The winner will be announced on 1 April 2016.

Video competition Flyer 2016-page-001

Lexis Sunshine Coast and Seoul campuses are approved OET Test Centres!

We are delighted to announce Lexis Sunshine Coast and Lexis Korea are now approved OET test centres.

The Occupational English Test (OET) is an international English language test that assesses the language and communication skills of healthcare professionals who seek to register and practise in an English-speaking environment.

OET Test materials are designed to reflect real medical workplace scenarios, meaning that candidates can be confident that they will know exactly what to expect, and feel more confident on test day.

The OET provides a valid and reliable assessment of all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – with an emphasis on communication in medical and health professional settings.

OET tests international health practitioners in the following 12 professions:

  • Dentistry
  • Dietetics
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Radiography
  • Speech Pathology
  • Veterinary Science

Why the OET?

The OET is recognised and trusted by more than 30 regulatory healthcare bodies and councils in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Many organisations, including hospitals, universities and colleges, are using OET as proof of a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in a demanding healthcare environment. In addition, OET is recognised by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection for a number of visa categories, including work and student visas.

Many candidates currently employed in, or considering working in a healthcare related field choose the OET as it employs the English language that they are most familiar with – the same language that they use every day at work.

Where can I take the OET?

Lexis Sunshine Coast is a registered OET Examination Centre. Our next  2016 examination date will be:

Saturday 9 April 2016

Applications open: 18 Feb to 16 Mar

Results published: 3 May 16

I’m not sure I’m ready for the exam!

If you are concerned that you may not yet have the required level of English for your OET target score, please contact us here to arrange a language assessment. We will be pleased to assist you in arranging an appropriate course of study prior to your examination date.

Lexis OET-page-001 (2)

Welcome Valentine Week Students

A romantic welcome to our new students today. This week we will be making Valentine cards during our extra activities and looking forward to a romantic weekend.


Misaki, Jennifer, Yuka, Nozomi, Hirotsugu, Chika, Kaoru, Albane, Felicitas, Yuko (2), Hikaru, Gibran, Joanna, Stefanie, Kriste, Carmen, Lavinia, Marta and Yu.

So lovely to meet everyone this morning from so many different places; Japan, Spain, Chile, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, France and Switzerland.

TAP to IELTS – Brendan’s Story

Brendan-Naoyka Murtegh Oshima first came to Noosa as a shy 12 year old.

Brendan joined our Teen Activity Program in July 2010 and studying English every morning, and enjoying teenaged themed activities every afternoon.

He enjoyed the experience so much that six years later he has returned to study with us again. This time he has enrolled for IELTS exam preparation, head down and serious study from 9 to 3!  It seems he is still enjoying the experience. Great to have you back Brendan.




This is the way we do it

Sunsets go well with wine and cheese, and wine and cheese go well with chatting.

The Sunset Cambridge Focus classes get together once a week for a ‘Speaking Extension” workshop.  Teachers Eileen and Suzie join their Cambridge Advanced and Cambridge First groups and provide stimulating topics to encourage breadth and fluency.

Focus Cambridge

There was animation, laughter and intense discussion yesterday late afternoon. Everyone agrees that it is a very enjoyable way to improve for those Cambridge Speaking Exams.


A tale of two classes

Today’s activity was international beer tasting run by a very enthusiastic teacher Matt and teacher Sean.

A number of delicious brews were explained, examined, tasted and enjoyed. The selection included beers from Europe and Australia and our students were asked to rank in order of enjoyment and taste.  Perhaps it wasn’t very kind to hold the activity next door to our GIL room, where teacher Keri was busy helping a full house of hardworking and studious students. 🙂


Chimay, (Belgium) XXXX Pale Ale, (Australia)Kõstrizer, Black Beer (Germany) Youngs Double Chocolate (England) and Feral Hop Hog (Australia)

Beer Tasting Option

Teachers Matt and Sean with Sabrina, Severine, Lina, Haijim, Keisuke, Camilla, Reto and Sean.

And the winner was??????  The Chimay.  Are you surprised?

A Very Very Warm Welcome

January in sub tropical Queensland is hot and today was a typical January day.

For our new students arriving from winter in the northern hemisphere it felt very hot indeed and especially so as Noosa did not have its usual cooling sea breezes.  Still, they were all very happy to be here and enjoyed meeting each other at this morning’s orientation session.

Welcome: Tomoe, Tae Hyun, Ji Hee, Reto, Caroline, Elia, Kristina, Shunsuke, Yuji, Charlie, Tanja, Oliver, Manuela, Bruna, Manuel, Francesca, Jonathan, Atsuko, Valentina, Candice, REika, Giulia and Brendan.


IELTS students visit the Maleny Cheese factory

At Noosa studying English is not only about sitting in a classroom,  the students also have an opportunity to get to know  the local life more closely by participating in a variety of outdoor activities where they have a chance to practice their English in real life settings.

Katerina would like to share her impressions and photos from a recent trip she took part  in along with her fellow students…


There are many businesses in Noosa area which make  traditional foods from local products. One of them is Maleny Cheese factory that we had a chance to visit on Wednesday morning with our teacher – Anjali. Initially we were welcomed by the factory employee who briefed us about the factory history and products they are making there. Everybody could taste various sorts of cheese, yogurts and  learn how this factory operates and how special sort of cheese is made there.

Katerina Blog 2, image 4

Katerina Blog 2, image 6

Having watched several short films on cheese production, the visit was completed. The rest of the day we spent by exploring the amazing nearby area. Some of the students could not help themselves and took a dip in a local  waterfall.

Katerina Blog 2, image 3Katerina Blog 2, image 2

To make sure that none of our impressions and information about cheese making was forgotten, the following day we had to face a school assignment, in which we were asked to write a short essay on the excursion.


Katerina Blog 2, image 1.jpg

Thanks Katerina for a great article  🙂