Lexis Student Say-So!

First, let me introduce myself, my name is Katerina but my friends call me Katy. A month and a half ago I came to Australia to study IELTS. Lexis English asked me to publish a weekly article on what it is like to be an international student in Australia and in particular here in Noosa, a holiday resort in Queensland.

In the coming weeks I plan to interview the students of Lexis English in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast. I will do my best to explore for you why they decided to study here and why they did not go to any other place. Why Australia and why Noosa or the Sunshine Coast out of all places? What is their life here as compared to their life home? What do they enjoy here best?  First, however, I would like to answer these questions for myself.


As we are likely to meet quite often here I would like to tell you a few things about myself. I come from the Czech Republic – a country which is located in Central Europe. I live in Prague – the capital of this country.  There are local people who immediately know where the Czech Republic is to be found and many of them share my passion for Prague, which they find to be an amazing city with a truly magical atmosphere and a rich history.

As early as in the first years at university I started to collaborate with a Radio station in Prague and soon I fell in love with journalism


Having decided to travel 16000 km from my home to Australia, I was still pondering which place to go. Most people go to Sydney, Melbourne or perhaps Perth but my preference was to get to know better something of the real country life in Australia.  I wanted to go to a place which many of my countrymen may have never heard of. Noosa was recommended to me as a local jewel, as a small paradise on the Earth. I must testify to this now. I believe that the other students will support me in this. If the words are not enough just please look at the pictures and view my interviews over the next coming weeks.

Have a nice week and visit soon!








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