Sunset Classes at Noosa- 12.50 to 18.15

For some students , those bright, clear, calm mornings with perfect surf are the best time of day.  For these and others with morning work commitments, Sunset Classes are the perfect answer.

We are currently running three classes Sunset Classes. The first is a fast track intermediate class. This is for general English students who want to progress more quickly and need to concentrate on the grammar and vocabulary rather than the communicative skills. Two units of the text book are covered each week and the course is completed in half the time.

The other two classes are open Cambridge classes. A Cambridge  First exam preparation and a Cambridge advanced exam preparation class. Ideal for students who can’t join the traditional closed classes or who want a strong academic focus without the pressure of a set exam date.

The teacher is available for an extra hour after the face to face lessons for intensive one on one help and skill based tutorials. This combined with the small numbers is particularly useful for weaker students.

Sunset Classes Noosa

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