New Fast Track Course gets the Thumbs Up

Our first sunset pre intermediate Fast Track English course was such a success, that when our students graduated on Friday they begged for it to continue to the next level. Here is what one of the students sent me:

For me the fast track was perfect because when I was in the normal course many times students start talk about all things, life, parties, barbecues and others, with it they were took out the focus about English. I don’t have time to lose; I found an excellent English school and I choose Noosa because is a city calm and welcoming.

In the fast track course I could put all my focus to improve my grammar and learn more. This kind of course is heavy; you need have time to do all homework, portfolios and exercises that the teacher asks you. My teacher is fantastic; he can cover all the class and in the same time talk about differences between British English and American English, also can explain about all students’ questions even if this questions were nothing about the class. I believe that fast track was the best option to improve my English skills. Today I can see that in small time I can talk by phone and understand things that before were impossible for me. 


Rodrigo de Azevedo Carvalho

The new Fast Track Intermediate class starts Monday of course. 🙂



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