A Rewarding Homestay Experience


Just thought I would like to share this with you.  We sent Anya home with a bottle of our honey from our own bees with a note to her parents to thank them for sharing their daughter with us.

Recently we received this card from Anya’s parents:

AnyaAnya was the first (and oldest) international student we have hosted with such impeccable English and it led to some rewarding ‘in depth’ discussions.

 Looking forward to hosting the next student,  Suzanne Lee.




Happy Birthday – Lexis Style

A very big Happy 27th Birthday to our Teacher Matt!
We hope you have a wonderful day!! 🙂 12299311_10206689011176666_4324959646093653221_n.jpg

How to Choose the Best Option Class For You

Every three weeks students have the opportunity to choose a new afternoon Option class. They often ask their teachers what they should consider when choosing an Option. Here is my advice:

  1. Choose a skill area that you feel the least confident in, rather than the one you enjoy the most.
  2. Remember that you can choose a skill level that is higher or lower than your morning class.
  3. However, choose a level that is ‘attainable’. Don’t choose an advanced level speaking class if you are in a pre intermediate morning class.
  4. Don’t forget to make three choices in order of preference, 1-2-3 on the form. If you don’t get your first preference this round, you will be given priority next time.
  5. If you are a long-student, don’t keep choosing the same skill area. Choose a new skill area each time or try a ‘fun’ class such as ‘English in the Kitchen or ‘Singlish‘ every once in a while.
Elementary Speaking Option Class

Elementary Speaking Option Class

Orientation – more new smiling faces!

Please make very welcome our newest Lexis Noosa students who started today!
They’re from New Caledonia, Korea, Switzerland, Japan, France and Brazil!