Best Dressed Competition – 80s Student Night!

Lexis Noosa we need your help!!
Carol and I cannot decide who should win the ‘Best Dressed’ prize for last night, so we need you to vote for your favourite!

a) On the Left – Mr Bruno BonJovi himself!


a) On the Left – Mr Bruno BonJovi himself!



b) Hugh – who bought his own boom box and lollipops – thank goodness he didn’t go into the smoking area…


c) Gustavo from the Village People put in a special appearance just for Lexis and YMCA

October is looking fun

Check out the Activities Calendar for October. 


The ongoing soccer competition between Noosa and Sunshine Coast campus will be popular also by the sign up sheet for the weekly practices below:


Meet our High School Prep Students


Today I caught up with our two youngest brothers, Hyunmin & Minjae from Korea who are currently studying in our High School Preparation Program!

The brothers are best friends and are very excited to be going to Maroochydore State High School in February next year.

Their favourite things on the Sunshine Coast are the nice people, the beaches and the sunshine and their favourite class is HSP with Sonia in the afternoons!

FCE Speaking Fun

Our FCE classes watched an example of a speaking exam and then put into practice straightaway what they had learned ! Combining the classes for special activities has proven to add to the fun!

How do our Cambridge First classes start their day?

A good way to get ‘slightly hung-over’ students motivated in the mornings is to start with a good speaking warm up.

Our three Cambridge First classes work closely together, and at 9am yesterday morning I found them mixing together to practise ‘Speaking exam part 1’ topics.

Cambridge Speaking