15 gorgeous, smiling new faces joined the Lexis Noosa family today.
If you see them around the school please make them feel welcome 🙂


Calling all Italians at Lexis Noosa

A lovely group of local Senior Citizens are learning Italian, and they would LOVE a native speaker to help them improve their pronunciation and basic grammar.

Please contact Mya at Lexis Noosa Reception for more information!!

Student Profile: Nicolas Boulanger

Today I sat down with student Nicolas Boulanger to find out about his time at Lexis Noosa.

Where are you from: Ermeton-Sur-Biert, in Belgium
Which program are you studying: I’m in the Teen Activity Program – first I did TAP Surf, and now I’m doing TAP General. In total I am here for 6 weeks (this is week 5) – I am on summer holidays from my school in Belgium.
Why did you choose to come to Australia to learn English: My friends have gone to England and America to study and I wanted to go somewhere different. And I love Australia.
Why did you choose Lexis?: My parents found out about Lexis and thought it would be a good idea. It was a great idea!
What do you like to do in Noosa: Hang out with my friends, go surfing and being outdoors.
What is your favourite thing about Lexis Noosa?: The teachers, they are close to their students, they’re approachable. They discuss with me, how and why, not just ‘at’ me. I like their style of teaching.
What do you like to do in Belgium: I’m on the National Baseball Team, so I play a lot of baseball and train a lot too.
Do you have any siblings (brothers or sisters)?: I have a little sister, she is 11 years old
Do you have a life motto?: If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done


Teacher, Aaron Roach, and Nicolas


Nicolas playing for the Belgium National Baseball team

‘Jeans for Genes’ Day at Lexis English

Teachers at Lexis English organised a charity morning tea to raise funds for the ‘Jeans for Genes’ foundation. Students enjoyed homebaked goodies while, one gold coin at a time, supporting the Children’s Medical Research Institute.

Conversation club is growing!!

So many happy, smiling faces at Conversation Club today!!!

We played our version of ‘Celebrity Heads’ – with many many laughs!
It turns out that asking “What colour am I?” is not going to help you work out that you’re Brad Pitt…

IMG_1628 IMG_1624 IMG_1625 IMG_1627

Healthy Eating – no cook dessert!

Chia seeds, both coconut milk and water, a little sugar and some finely diced banana and pineapple…. whisk, leave in the fridge for 10 minutes to set and – bam! Easy to make, healthy, ‘no cook’ dessert!!
(it tastes waaaaaay better than it looks, I promise!)

Even Mya – the world’s worst cook and junk food addict thinks she might make it at home!!

Many many thanks to the wonderful Isabelle for her recipe!

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Wait Staff Wanted

Noosa Heads Surf Club is looking for Wait Staff!

Any applicant should:

  • Have good English
  • Be well presented
  • Have a big smile
  • Have coffee making skills
  • Be confident carrying plates
  • Have knowledge of a register/til
  • Be fast & efficient
  • Have references
  • Be a people person

They are looking for someone who will be here for 12 months or longer and you do not need the above qualities, they are willing to train you.

To apply please email your resume/cv to Peter: peterthynne@bigpond.com or phone: 0417 171 313


Conversation Club is Growing!

17 happy faces assembled to share coffee and cake, and play JENGA!

Our favourite question? “What does your name mean?”

IMG_1595 IMG_1594

Orientation August 3!

A smiling group of new students arrived to glorious Noosa ‘winter weather’ today!

Please welcome Gabrielle, Yusuke, Pascale, Yuko, Keri, Pascale, Shoka, Isabelle, Larissa, Milena, Alexandre, Yolanda, Riko, Mai, Riki and Noriko!