Lexis English Australia Video

Check out our new Lexis English video – you might be famous!

We also want to say a very big thank you to all students who helped out and were our wonderful film stars!

Welcome to Lexis Noosa!

Noosa has turned on some spectacular winter weather to welcome our new students today!

Please give a warm Lexis Noosa welcome to:

Sebastian (Switzerland), Andre (Switzerland), Lucas (Brazil), Junghyun (Korea), Ella (Korea), Michele (Switzerland),  Ai (Japan), Selina (Switzerland), Aoi (Japan)


Joan’s Homestay Experiences

One of our lovely Homestay parents, Joan was kind enough to share with us her experiences hosting Lexis students.

Joan hosted many students from Lexis and one of her students was Japanese woman who stayed with her for just one week but formed a great bond. The student studied English literature at university and though she was only here for one week, they kept in touch after returning to Japan. A few months after returning to Japan Joan invited her student to visit her for a couple of weeks and they travelled to the Gold Coast.


Joan and her student on their trip to Tasmania in February

Last February they travelled to Tasmania together, 3 years after her original visit, and they are still in touch today!

Joan has always helped Lexis students and just recently took two of our students on a “mystery tour” of the area, showing them Noosa Springs Golf Course and Clubhouse, Noosa Waters housing and finally kangaroos at dusk in Cooroibah. They are planning to visit the Eumundi markets together in the next month.

Her first Swiss student bought an old van to travel around Australia with a friend and Joan made curtains for the van so they could sleep better! The student went on to stay in Sydney with a friend of Joan’s, who taught him to windsurf. He was last heard from on Isla Margarita off the Venezuelan coast where he had been studying Spanish.

Another Swiss student introduced Joan to his family via Skype, and helped her entertain her friends at a caftan party. They had such a great time together that Joan visited him and his family in Berne!

Joan loves to hear of the subsequent careers, travels, weddings and babies from her students and found hosting students a very positive experience – she thoroughly recommends it to anyone as it broadens our experiences and minds and leads to lasting friendships.

Jenga Marathon!

Conversation club is growing – and boy are we having some fun!!
Yesterday we played ‘Jenga’ (remove a block and put it on the top without tipping over the other blocks) – every block removed had a question to be answered.
Some were easy, some were more difficult….

My favourite?
Would you prefer to be rich but not find true love, or be poor and have true love?

You’d be surprised who chose to be poor!

IMG_1382 IMG_1383 IMG_1388 IMG_1389


Yesterday’s group of new students had lots of fun at their Orientation 🙂
Please give them a warm Noosa welcome when you see them around the school!

Juan (Colombia), Amaia (Spain), Laurine (France), Ariadna (Spain), Aya (Japan) and Ju Hoi (Korea)


100% pass rate for our latest CPE students at Lexis Noosa!

 A BIG Lexis congratulations to our CPE students who all passed their exams with great results and not to forget an outstanding mention to Cambridge CPE teacher, Tim!

CPE Students CPE Students

Too much fun! (and lots of new words)

Conversation club is growing by the week! In people and in knowledge!
Today we played the ever popular ‘Celebrity Heads’ game – with a lot of new words to express, define and explain being learnt.

Quick recap – snakes have scales, lizards are mini dinosaurs, lamb is the meat from a baby sheep (baaaa!), birds have feathers, there was tension in the air, horror movies have suspense and Xavier is a cheater!!

IMG_1247 IMG_1243 IMG_1245 IMG_1246

Warm (chilly!) Noosa welcome to our new students!

Noosa is putting on a spectacular winter, just for our new students!

Virginie (Switzerland), Monteserrat (Spain), Babiana (Spain), Berta (Spain), Xavier (Spain), Sam (Switzerland), Sang-Hyuk (Korea), Mileine (France), Markus (Switzerland), Seline (Switzerland), Leandro (Brazil), Nahir (Spain), Jeewon (Korea)


Rainy Friday: A Poem.

When the rain comes down
On this little town
Students open their books
And give them a look
Notes displayed and pens at the ready
All this knowledge can get kind of heady
Fluency and skills are what they yearn,
So Lexis is the place where they come to learn
And when 12:15 arrives at the end of the week
The students close their books and begin to speak
“Lets go to a bar, lets go have a drink!,
Rolling Rock? Sogos? What do you think?”
No matter the answer, teachers and students all have to say,
“Who cares about the rain, thank god its Friday!”

Rainy Friday

Discounted Surfing Photos for all Lexis Students

Surfshots are offering discounted pricing on professional surf photos for all Lexis English students. If you are taking surf lessons at any of the surf schools (or just surfing on your own), you can take advantage of these discounted rates! Ideally they need a days notice, but can occasionally fit in last minute bookings on the same day. If you are interested contact Dave at Surfshots – you can call, text, email or message him on facebook and instagram!

Surf Shots Lexis school poster_A3

Sarcasm and Cambridge Advanced

Sarcasm, (noun) The use of irony to mock or convey contempt. Synonyms include: mockery, ridicule, satire, irony, scorn, sneering, scoffing and taunting.

Firstly, read the following:


The story behind this extraordinarily brilliant piece of sarcastic writing from Cambridge Advanced student Martin is as follows:

Once upon a time, in the land of Lexis Noosa, the Cambridge Advanced teachers asked their students to submit their weekly writing portfolio by email via reception.  Our beautiful student support officer, Mya, became increasingly frustrated with emails appearing without any explanation of who was sending, why they were sending the email and what to do with it. As per photo below:

Mya, letting Martin know of her displeasure

Mya, letting Martin know of her displeasure

So Martin; being a superior student, composed the email above. 🙂 Brilliant!

Paddle in Pink!

We would like to invite all students to the Paddle in Pink event –  a fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation on 30th August 2015. Paddle in Pink is like a fun run on the water starting from Boardwalk Boats at the Noosa Sheraton Jetty. Participants complete one lap of Noosa Sound in anything that can be paddled or rowed, in their best pink attire! Come and show your support in your best pink outfit!

They are also looking for volunteers to help out on the day – if you are interested, contact details are below:


Laughter Club

I think we’re going to have to rename ‘Conversation Club’ the ‘Laughter Club’!
Today we played the ‘ungame’ (again – everyone loves it!) – 2 favourite questions are:
* What 4 things are most important to you?
* Tell us about a funny experience you had

And today we added:
* Tell us about your hobbies

Wow! What fantastic hobbies you all have!
Izumi loves to dance, Petr loves to climb ‘hills’ (Australia doesn’t have mountains!) and Mya likes to horse ride (of course!!)

What’s your favourite hobby?? ungameIMG_1144

WWOOF and extend your Working Holiday Visa

Sakura Hirokawa came back to say hi and proudly show her 1 year extension Working Holiday Visa.

Sakura proudly shows her immigration papers for her extra year in Australia.

Sakura proudly shows her immigration papers for her extra year in Australia.

Like many of our students, Sakura combined a mixture of paid work and voluntary work and all in the Noosa area. WWOOF stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farms and these can be quite small farmsteads and garden centres. You need only do 88 days to qualify for the extra year on your visa and it is a wonderful way to become part of a small local community.

Sakura did her voluntary work at Inner Glow Health products at Tewantin whilst working at a local Japanese restaurant in the evenings. She met other young international people at the farm and the work was enjoyable and not hard.

She was happy that she had gained enough English first ,(thank you teachers Lize and Nicola) to feel confident in the work place.

If you are interested in the WWOOF program check out    www.wwoof.com.au


BBQ Time!

You can’t get much more Australian than a BBQ on a Friday afternoon!

HUGE thanks to the chefs, Pedro and Chary – without them we’d have been eating ‘char grilled’ (burnt!) sausages!

IMG_1099 IMG_1102 IMG_1100 IMG_1104

Welcome back!

IMG_2888Former student Andy Bischof made a quick visit to Lexis Noosa after travelling all around Australia and Bali for more than half a year. He loved his roadtrip around OZ and enjoyed his adventures but is now happy to go back to  Switzerland.  Have a safe trip home, Andy!

How to find a Job in Noosa

One of the first question that students ask when they arrive is, ‘how do I find a Job’?

Of course, being able to speak English is important; but having the right contacts and advice can make all the difference. The Lexis Workshop runs every week, designed to give students the skills and materials to find that Job. Our teachers help students write up their resumes and print them out ready to go. The lessons provide the English needed to answer job advertisements, cold call and help start their serious job hunting.

We have a network of students currently employed who pass on their positions as they leave and the local restaurants and resorts use us as an unofficial employment agency. Need a dish washer in a hurry? Call Lexis. 🙂

Lexis Workshop. Teacher Dionne helps  Francisco from Chile, Katerina from Czech Republic and Eri from Japan.

Lexis Workshop. Teacher Dionne helps Francisco from Chile, Katerina from Czech Republic and Eri from Japan.

So if you need to get a job, sign up for Lexis Workshop.  Every Thursday in the Cambridge Computer Suite at 2 pm.


There were 3 hard won games of BINGO played for today’s activity.
We had a great group of students who took winning for prizes very seriously!
Congratulations to our winners!!

Don’t forget Friday’s activity is a…. BBQ!!
In the school courtyard at 2pm – see you there!!
IMG_1043 IMG_1044 IMG_1047

Five Lucky Students Experience Ocean Rider For Free

Five lucky students woke up this morning with no idea of the excitement today would bring.

They got the opportunity to ride one of Noosa’s most exciting attractions for free. Ocean Rider is a high speed power boat that takes visitors on a thrilling ocean ride along the National Park coastline.

Leire, Solena, Aimie-Lou, Pierre and Louis were picked to be part of a Queensland television travel show, filming in Noosaville this morning. They met with Channel Seven’s Great Weekender team and became extras on board Ocean Rider for the morning.

Students Aimie-Lou, Solena, Louis, Pierre and Leire with Channel Seven presenter, Liz Cantor

Students Aimie-Lou, Solena, Louis, Pierre and Leire with Channel Seven presenter, Liz Cantor

There were big smiles when they arrived back at the dock, especially as they saw dolphins off shore at Sunshine Beach.

dolphinLeire from Spain is studying general English and hopes to be an English teacher in Spain. Louis and Pierre from Ivory Coast are part of our Teen Activity Program and are enjoying surfing Noosa’s perfect waves. They all agreed that this morning will be a special memory of their time in Noosa.

English classes inside and out

No matter where you are at Lexis , inside the classroom or outside in the beautiful morning sun, learning English is fun, judging by all the bright smiles this morning. The school is buzzing with new students  from all over the world. We had new arrivals from Hongkong, France, Oman, the Ivory Coast, Germany, China, Switzerland, Belgium and Brazil. Welcome all!