Meet Anne Derksen, one of our wonderful homestay mums

Anne Derksen has been a second mother to our junior students for over five years.

Living at beautiful Peregian Beach, she enjoys introducing her students to the relaxed Noosa lifestyle. She is also great fun. I found her playing table tennis with Linda and Nicole after school yesterday evening.  We are very lucky to have host families like Linda.

Host mum Anne with Linda and Nicole from Our Lady of the Rosary College, Hong Kong

Host mum Anne with Linda and Nicole from Our Lady of the Rosary College, Hong Kong


Laughter Club!

Coffee, cake and conversation club is going to be re-named the laughter club!
A very funny game of ‘celebrity heads’ was played today in the kitchen. An excellent way to learn new words in English (like Rhino, and ladder!) and to ask detailed questions.

While eating cake! What more could you want? 🙂

IMG_5415 IMG_5416

G’day to our new students!!

Another Monday, another group of fresh faced new students have arrived!

Please make them welcome when you see them around school (in English of course!)

They are:
Gustavo (Brazil), Luca (Brazil), Geraldine (Belgium), Maxime (Belgium), Katerina (Czec Republic), Alice (France), Aimie-Lou (France), Pierre (France – Ivory Coast!), Dominic (Switzerland), Yu-Ting (China), Tae (Japan), Yuika (Japan), Marc (Switzerland), Malik (Oman) and Malak (Oman)


Laughter in the courtyard!

Our CAE classes are making a ‘racket’ in the courtyard doing a ‘passive tense’ quiz!
Sound boring? Try one of these –

They were invented in 1280 by a Florentine physicist by sticking two bits of curved glass on either side of his nose…

This drink was first made by a monk for his abbey in Scotland in 1494…  




Thank you Juan Camilo Sala Manca Leal

Juan came to Lexis Noosa as part of an international ambassador program organised by Queensland Tourism.

He was lucky enough to travel all over Queensland visiting every famous tourist destination and studying at different international language colleges. He came back to visit us last week and left  the following letter on my desk. It made me feel very proud of our school.

Juan Camillo


Thank you so much Juan for your kind words and praise.

Disco Boardgames!

Disco Boardgames was great fun!

Antonio was our DJ and put on some Brazilian beats!
There were very fast and heated games of ‘Who am I?’ – Izumi showing she’s a boardgame killer!

We then moved onto a game of Panic! – we all got up to 7 types of each item!!!!!

IMG_1136 IMG_1139IMG_1138

Meet the staff!

We would like to give a BIG welcome to Patricia….our new Marketing Manager for Latin America!

Hello everyone!

My name is Patricia and I am originally from Brazil, but I have been living here in Australia for 8 years.

When I first came to Australia I was looking for a little “paradise” and I was not interested in the popular places and big cities… and then I found Noosa! I studied English in Noosa for 6 months and was my best experience ever!

I am an economist and back in Brazil I was working for a financial institution (bank) for more than 10 years.

I’ve lived in Sydney for 5 years where I was working for a company within the mining industry.

My favourite things are meeting my friends, watching movies with my husband and long walks… I love to walk my dog!

Curiosity: When I was 18, I backpacked around Europe for almost 2 months with only 1000 dollars in my pocket. The European Union didn’t existed at the time, so I had to get visas and exchange currencies in each country, which was a very hard work…especially because I could not speak any English by then 🙂

I look forward to of seeing some of you across the five Lexis schools in Australia!

Patricia, website

IELTS to Marine Biology!

Look where IELTS can take you!

Jose Ramon Estevez Melgarejo, from Spain finishes his IELTS exam preparation course this week and is heading to James Cook University in Townsville, to study a Masters in Marine Biology!!

James Cook University is a public university and is the second oldest university in Queensland, Australia. It is recognised in the top 4 of universities worldwide with campuses in Queensland and Singapore.

Good luck with the fishes Jose!

Congratulations Jose anJose Ramon we wish you all the best for your future studies.

The ‘Ungame’ Game

Today’s coffee, cake and conversation club played the ‘ungame’

A list of questions designed to create conversation and expression around thoughts and feelings, experiences and expectations, likes and dislikes.

A very thought provoking game that teaches expression of emotion and intangible ideas.

Our first question: what 4 things are most important in your life?
Travel, family and friends, health, time, money love, food… lots of food!

IMG_0965 ungame

Welcome our new students!

Another Monday, another group of smiling new students!

A big warm Noosa welcome to:
Simon Schindler (Switzerland), Daniil Protasov (Russia). Solena Lelgouarch (France),
Yu-Ching Wu (Taiwan), Alexandre Sanchez (France), Yu-Pei Wu (Taiwan), Pei-Ju Pan (Taiwan), Isabelle Lamy (France)

Daniil and Solena join Morgane for our Teen Activity Program this week.

Let the French / Taiwanese invasion begin!! 🙂

IMG_0959 IMG_0961

Cambridge Advanced Classes in full swing

IMG_2837Teachers Phil and Anne got their CAE classes out in the courtyard for some Friday afternoon speaking activities.

Our new Cambridge classes started last Monday and it looks as if all new students have settled in beautifully!

Watercolour painting with Phil!!

Some very lucky students got a step-by-step guide to painting with watercolours today by our one and only artist teacher – Phil!

A great way to learn practical uses of English – the differences between ‘above’ and ‘below’ and ‘more’ and ‘less’  were incredibly important.

Want to see how the paintings turned out?
Stay tuned for an update!


Looking for Accommodation?

Attention all Lexis Noosa students: There are some rooms available in our Student Houses over the next few months. All Student Houses are within 15 minutes walk/5 minutes by bicycle from Lexis Noosa, Main Beach or Sunshine Beach.

student housesSee Tanja in our Accommodation Office for more information!

Come and meet our New Students!

Come and welcome our new students
Catch up with returning students
Make new friends!

Room 10 at 2pm

When: TODAY!
Bring a smile and your best conversation

So you think you can cook!

Yesterday’s activity was a blast, with students given a range of ingredients to cook up a storm and that they did!

We ended up with a very unique ‘stir-fry fried rice’ by Eric and his many assistants (who knew Eric was a cook?!). And a spotlessly clean kitchen afterwards.


Don’t forget – next Wednesday’s activity is water colour painting with Phil!!

FCE Exam done!

Our Cambridge FCE candidates were relieved after finishing their last exam on Saturday and left us some notes (see pictures). We wish you all the very best, safe travels whereever you go and best of luck for the future!

Welcome New Students

A warm welcome to all our students starting at Lexis Noosa today.

Gustavo (Brazil), Stafano and Valaria (Italy), Alex (Spain), Francisco (Chile), Shahram (Iran), Naoki, Emika and Kanako (Japan) and Tina from Switzerland.

Gustavo (Brazil), Stafano and Valaria (Italy), Alex (Spain), Francisco (Chile), Shahram (Iran), Naoki, Emika and Kanako (Japan) and Tina from Switzerland.

It was so interesting to talk to everyone today and especially to hear about Francisco who grew up on Easter Island. I didn’t realise that there is such good surf there.

TAFE Queensland East Coast Visit


Thank you to Jacqui and Simone for talking to our students today.







Student Yukiko worked in Japan as a physiotherapist for five years. Her dream is to work as a ‘physio’ in Australia. She was thrilled to learn that she can receive Recognition of Prior Learning for her Japanese qualifications. This means that she will not have to study everything again. She couldn’t wait to rush to my office after the information session to tell me her good news.

RPL is a nationally recognised process which helps you gain credit towards a certificate or diploma based on the skills and experience you already have. You may even have a qualification for work in Australia and not even know it.

TAFE Queensland East Coast will have an open day on June 25 at their Maroochydore Campus, right next to Sunshine Plaza.  Jacqui and Simone look forward to meeting you then.



Full House For BINGO

There wasn’t a spare chair for today’s activity.

PicMonkey CollageBingo









BINGO is always fun and a great way to improve listening to numbers. The lucky winners won chocolate. Yum!

Using Real Text in IELTS Exam Preparation Classes

IELTS teacher Anjali Sheppard believes in using ‘real’ texts as much as possible, to improve English fluency vocabulary and expedite  motivation.

Yesterday, I found a very animated group of students huddled in our kitchen area discussing an article in ‘The Guardian’ newspaper.


The class had been divided into 3  groups and each was given an article from the current Guardian International newspaper. Each group then explored the language used and then discussed and prepared a short presentation to give to the other groups.

Cindy from Peru, Baptiste (France), Manases (El Salvador) and Isabella (Italy)

Cindy from Peru, Baptiste (France), Manases (El Salvador) and Isabella (Italy)

The students really enjoy these sessions and say that they learn a lot of new language, and it helps improve their confidence for the IELTS speaking exams. Cindy is hoping for an IELTS 7 in order to enter a nursing course at USC. Good luck Cindy.

Welcome New Students

It was lovely to meet such a bubbly, happy group this morning.

A big warm Noosa welcome to; Chang Hoon Lim and Byun Jun Kim (Korea), Ramona Keil (Germany), Yuki Hashimoto and Izumi Tahara (Japan), Vreni Schmid (Switzerland), and Tatian Valentim Passos (Brazil)

New Students June 1 World June 1

Cambridge Exam Season has started!

Noosa and Maroochydore Cambridge students took their speaking exams on Saturday at Lexis Noosa. This week it is heads down and final count down for FCE, CAE and CPE students. The final exams will be on Saturday, next Wednesday and Thursday. Good luck to all of you!

TAFE Queensland East Coast Visit

TAFE Queensland East Coast will be visiting Lexis Noosa on Thursday, 4 June at 2pm.

TAFE Queensland East Coast - Information Session ImageCome along and find out about further study options in Australia at TAFE Queensland East Coast – Room 10!

Find out more information at TAFE East Coast