Meet Anne Derksen, one of our wonderful homestay mums

Anne Derksen has been a second mother to our junior students for over five years.

Living at beautiful Peregian Beach, she enjoys introducing her students to the relaxed Noosa lifestyle. She is also great fun. I found her playing table tennis with Linda and Nicole after school yesterday evening.  We are very lucky to have host families like Linda.

Host mum Anne with Linda and Nicole from Our Lady of the Rosary College, Hong Kong

Host mum Anne with Linda and Nicole from Our Lady of the Rosary College, Hong Kong


Laughter Club!

Coffee, cake and conversation club is going to be re-named the laughter club!
A very funny game of ‘celebrity heads’ was played today in the kitchen. An excellent way to learn new words in English (like Rhino, and ladder!) and to ask detailed questions.

While eating cake! What more could you want? 🙂

IMG_5415 IMG_5416

G’day to our new students!!

Another Monday, another group of fresh faced new students have arrived!

Please make them welcome when you see them around school (in English of course!)

They are:
Gustavo (Brazil), Luca (Brazil), Geraldine (Belgium), Maxime (Belgium), Katerina (Czec Republic), Alice (France), Aimie-Lou (France), Pierre (France – Ivory Coast!), Dominic (Switzerland), Yu-Ting (China), Tae (Japan), Yuika (Japan), Marc (Switzerland), Malik (Oman) and Malak (Oman)


Laughter in the courtyard!

Our CAE classes are making a ‘racket’ in the courtyard doing a ‘passive tense’ quiz!
Sound boring? Try one of these –

They were invented in 1280 by a Florentine physicist by sticking two bits of curved glass on either side of his nose…

This drink was first made by a monk for his abbey in Scotland in 1494…  




Thank you Juan Camilo Sala Manca Leal

Juan came to Lexis Noosa as part of an international ambassador program organised by Queensland Tourism.

He was lucky enough to travel all over Queensland visiting every famous tourist destination and studying at different international language colleges. He came back to visit us last week and left  the following letter on my desk. It made me feel very proud of our school.

Juan Camillo


Thank you so much Juan for your kind words and praise.