Meet the Staff: Cathy

Today I had the chance to catch up with one of our staff members Cathy, and chat to her about her time here in Noosa and her up coming professional surfing son, Ethan!


Name: Cathy Trotman

Origin: Wales

Department: Homestay/Reception

Time working at Lexis Noosa: 7.5years

1. What is your favourite thing about working at Lexis Noosa?

I love meeting new students from all around the world each week, when they first arrive, they are new and unsure of things, and within a week they meet new friends, their English improves and they become so much more confident.

2. When did you come to Noosa and Why?

I arrived in Australia with my husband from Wales 17 years ago when my second child Conrad was born. We were stuck on three different places to live, Byron Bay, Kings cliff and Noosa. Of course when we came to Noosa and realized how beautiful it was , we stayed here.

3. Tell us a little about your surfing son, Ethan?

Ethan is my third child. He is 12 and the funniest kid. Surfing is his passion. He will surf 7 days a week if the conditions are good. His favourite local spot to surf in Sunshine Beach and First Point, Noosa. Ethan recently made the Sunshine Beach High School Surf Team. He is the youngest ever to be picked. He also placed third in the Under 14 Fox Surf Comp last week at North Stradbroke Island.

Ethan 2 EThan 3


Lastly, tell us something crazy/interesting about yourself…

I backpacked all around Australia, USA, Bahrain and Indonesia when I was 18 and I still enjoying going on spontaneous weekend trips and crashing in the car!

You can follow Ethan on Intagram and Facebook @ Ethan_Trotman

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