Meet the Students


Name: Svetlin Luethy
Country: Switzerland
Class: CAE
Time spent at Lexis Noosa:

1. What is your favourite thing about Lexis Noosa?
Every day it is sunny, I go to school with thongs or no shoes, the beach is close and I love going on activities with Anj. People here are easy going and my favourite thing I have done so far is the Sunset Cruise.
2. Why did you come to Australia to study English?
I have never been to Australia and Noosa has nice weather where I can enjoy the beach, surfing and life while learning.
3. What are your plans after study?
I am going traveling around Australia and using my English.

Lastly, tell us something crazy/interesting about yourself…
I like adrenalin sports like Bungy jumping and Skydiving

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