A Lexis Romance

Two years ago, Yuji and Kazume met whilst studying at Lexis Noosa and are now happily married and the proud parents of gorgeous little Ryusei.

Yuji, Kazume and baby Ryusei with teacher Kerri Deacon

Yuji, Kazume and baby Ryusei with teacher Kerri Deacon

Yuji and Kazume returned to visit Noosa and their former teachers, Kerri and Phil, were thrilled and surprised to learn that a romance blossomed in their classrooms.

Yuji is now teaching English at a junior high school and hopes that his students will one day have the chance of learning English in Australia also.

..and with teacher Phil Egan

..and with teacher Phil Egan



Thank you for coming back to visit us. 🙂

Recipe of the week: Raw Salted Caramel Protein Balls

Raw treats are always a better alternative then refined cakes or biscuits, using whole foods to regulate our blood sugar level and to cease any cravings. Treats should always be enjoyed in  moderation and these raw salted protein balls are a great snack or dessert option that add extra protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats in our diets.

Raw Salted Caramel Protein Balls

Salted caramel balls


1 cup of cashews

1/2 cup dessicated coconut

1 scoop of whey protein powder

1 Tablespoon of maple syrup

2 Tablespoons of raw pepitas

2 Tablespoons of coconut water

Pinch of Himalayan salt

Extra coconut for rolling


Blend cashews in food processor until in chunk form

Add all the other ingredients and blend until a moist mixture is formed.

Roll mixture into balls and dip in extra coconut

Freeze to set and then enjoy 🙂

Belly Dancing and Yoga

The students had the opportunity to take part in two different workshops over the last two days; Belly Dancing and Fluid Power Yoga.

One of our lovely students, Helena, took the students though a creative and fun belly dancing session, showing the students how we can move certain parts of our body, while isolating others.

In this morning’s yoga class, the students worked with building strength, enhancing agility and flexibility while moving with a flow. Through rhythmic, circular and spiraling movements, the students learned to liberate poses that are often rigidly held, and practiced their hand stances.

Meet our Aviation Students

Every morning at 8.30 am, you will find these keen young men preparing for the day’s lessons ahead.

Becky with Faisal, Hisham, Salem, Ziyad, Mesfer, Fawaz, Faisal and Musab

Becky with Faisal, Hisham, Salem, Ziyad, Mesfer, Fawaz, Faisal and Musab

These Saudi army officers are all from the Ministry of National Guard and will train as helicopter pilots in Australia.

Director of Studies, Becky Cantor says that they are one of the most motivated groups she has ever worked with. “I really look forward to meeting with them each morning. It is very hard to move into such a different culture and have such high expectations on their shoulders. However, they are always cheerful and motivated and are working hard.

Sunny Warm Autumn Afternoons

Can you believe we are only one month away from winter! The weather yesterday was still sunny and warm, this is why we love Noosa. Sea temperature is still around 24 degrees and air temperature still reaching around 26. The students are taking advantage of these lovely autumn days with our monthly Volleyball competition. Another great Monday afternoon activity 🙂

Welcome New Students

A big welcome to the new students who arrived today from: Japan, Korea and Switzerland. Good luck in your studies and enjoy your time here in Noosa. 



Byeongu (Korea), Minjung (Korea), Yukiko (Japan), Ayako (Japan), Yui (Japan), Petra (Switzerland)