Healthy Eating Workshop: Healthy budget meals for the traveller

With the price of food rising, eating healthily while trying to stick to a budget can be challenging. But with a little planning and some useful tips, buying and preparing delicious healthy food on a budget is not as hard as it may seem!

In today’s class the students made the cheap, delicious, healthy dish of Nacho Beans 🙂

What’s good about it:

Low in saturated fat, high in protein for repair + fiber which keeps you regular and delays glucose absorption.  What I love about this recipe is that it’s budget friendly.  The mix freezes well too, so I often make a large batch and throw any leftovers in the freezer for another day. This meal is served with a side salad  or accompanied with organic gluten free corn and flaxseed tortillas, avocado +  a little bio yoghurt. Alternatively, you can use mountain bread, chopped into triangles and drizzled with olive oil and cooked in the oven until crispy. MMmmmmmmmm!

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