Healthy Eating Workshop: Digestive Health

Eating natural and wholefoods is the best way to ensure your digestive system gets the nutrition it needs.

Today, the students learned about the important functions of the digestive system and some tips to eating well for digestive health.

After the education session the students had a chance to prepare supercharged eggs to sustain lean muscle, support digestion and a health immune system. This meal helps to boost recovery after exercise because it is rich in protein and potassium. The super green pesto adds freshness and flavour and is also rich in chlorophyll that helps to nourish the digestive system, support detoxification and helps with alkaline the body. Delicious! 🙂

Available Jobs in Noosa

Ipazzi is a well known Italian restaurant in the heart of Noosa Junction that became famous for its great quality organic Italian food and outstanding service!

We now hiring the great Host!
So, what we are looking??
European style service, positive attitude, team player and someone who want to grow with us, together!
Permanent or long term residence.
Experience in hospitality necessary
Clean and well presented
Excellent English speaking
Outgoing personality
Must have realible transport
Available for night shifts Mon – Sun
We will provide:
Full time hrs for the successfull applicant
Friendly and honest envoironment
Long term employment (not seasonal…)
Higher wage for the right applicant
We are a young Italian family looking to bring to our customer the WOW factor.
Our motto isl: ‘Be different, be yourself, be Ipazzi (the crazy ones)”
Are you talking about you?? Then send us your resume with a brief letter of presentation about yourself, about your story to:


Junior Kitchen Hand
Family owned Italian restaurant in Noosa Junction is now looking for a Junior Kitchen hand in pasta & pizza restaurant
Our restaurant has now a reputation for serving the best organic pasta and pizza on the sunshine coast, providing fast service and passion for traditional Italian food.
If you are a passionate about good food and fast learning then this is your place!
We are looking for someone with the right attitude.
Your duties will include:
Topping pizzas.
Making and plating pasta dishes.
Cleaning duties.
Successful applicant must be:
Punctual and hard working
Available to work on week days and weekends
Willing to learn and improve
Please send resume to

Housekeeping staff wanted ASAP
We have been servicing housekeeping needs of many hotels in the Hospitality industry throughout Australia.
Over the years our company has grown as a result of our outstanding reputation of caring for our employees and we are now looking for new team members to join us as:
Housekeeping Room Attendants at a Sunshine Coast serviced apartments
We are seeking to find a hardworking and reliable room attendants to join our Housekeeping team
Included in your daily activities are:
-Housekeeping duties throughout the guest rooms to achieve a 5 star standard.
-You will be cleaning the bathroom, making beds, vacuuming the floor, dusting, as well as replenishing all amenities.
-You must be available for at least 5 days (9am – 5pm).
-Previous housekeeping experience is preferred but not essential, Training will be provided for willing people.
-You must have a valid visa with work right of at least 6 months still remaining.
As a member of our team the successful applicant will be given the opportunity to grow and develop their position in the company, with the company.
If you feel you are a suitable candidate, please send your resume to


Cleaners Needed
We are looking for an experienced cleaner in the Noosa area that is able to work in a team ,that is fast with an eye for detail.Able to work weekends and school holidays and has a vehicle.
Call Rog or Jill: 54555344

Unai Turns 18

It was a big celebration at school today as Lexis Noosa Student, Unai, finally turned 18! He has been waiting for months to be 18 so he could party on Monday Night at Sogo’s with all his fellow students, and at Midnight last night, he did just that!

We also had another Swiss student with a birthday, Ella who join Unai this morning for his birthday celebration!Happy Birthday to both of you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Welcome New Students

A big welcome to the students who arrived today from: Belgium, Brazil, France, Korea and Switzerland.


Good luck in your studies and enjoy your stay here in Noosa.


From let to right:

Back Row: Hyewon (Korea), YeonJu (Korea), Koeum (Korea), David (Belgium), Cyril (France), Runik (Brazil)

Front Row: Beat (Switzerland), Damara (Switzerland), Nathalie (Switzerland), Carole (France).

Lazer Tag

This afternoon gave the students the opportunity to work up a sweat and burn off some steam with a game of Lazer Tag.They strapped on their battery packs and connected their lazer guns and headed into the dark arena for a battle of the best snipers.


Well done to the Green Team for winning the challenge. The Green Team showed the best team work and accuracy on target to beat the other teams. A special mention to the overall winner with the most amount of points and sniper potential- Anj. Once again showing the group that girls don’t always finish last 😉

10455099_404714149699366_4486935079628212743_n 10401871_404711759699605_3906113252712331933_n

Yoga for Surfers

Yoga for surfers is a modern, dynamic and challenging style of yoga that targets certain parts of the body that could be operating more effectively. This yoga for surfers session, we focused on building and increasing core strength, balance, flexibility and energy levels, improve lung capacity, and strength through arm balances. Another beautiful morning at Sunshine Beach!

Body Surfing and Surf Awareness

Surf Awareness teaches the students how to survive in Australian waters while studying here in Noosa. The education session was conducted on the beach from the local lifeguard. He explained how to identify a rip or current, the dangers in the ocean and the best place to swim (IN BETWEEN THE FLAGS).

After the surf awareness the students were taught how to body surf. Once the theory session was complete, the lifeguard and Anj hit the water to demonstrate how body surfing was done before the students had a chance to try it out themselves! Another great afternoon and a valuable skill learned for life!

Welcome Party @ Crawdaddy’s

Last Thursday, we welcomed the new students to Noosa with a big party at Crawdaddy’s! It was a great way for the students to experience the fun and relaxed night life of Noosa. The girls from Students Uni Travel announced the winners of the Jelly Bean Guessing competition, giving the winner a 3 day, 2 night trip to Frazer Island. It was a great turn out and we are looking forward to our next event at Crawdaddy’s!

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Healthy Eating Workshop: Healthy budget meals for the traveller

With the price of food rising, eating healthily while trying to stick to a budget can be challenging. But with a little planning and some useful tips, buying and preparing delicious healthy food on a budget is not as hard as it may seem!

In today’s class the students made the cheap, delicious, healthy dish of Nacho Beans 🙂

What’s good about it:

Low in saturated fat, high in protein for repair + fiber which keeps you regular and delays glucose absorption.  What I love about this recipe is that it’s budget friendly.  The mix freezes well too, so I often make a large batch and throw any leftovers in the freezer for another day. This meal is served with a side salad  or accompanied with organic gluten free corn and flaxseed tortillas, avocado +  a little bio yoghurt. Alternatively, you can use mountain bread, chopped into triangles and drizzled with olive oil and cooked in the oven until crispy. MMmmmmmmmm!

Wii Games

The day started off raining and overcast after the weekend storm pasted through the coast of Noosa. Plenty of rain for a farmers which is great, and by Monday afternoon the sun started to appear again and looks as if it is here to stay.

However, our indoor activity of Wii games still provided an entertaining afternoon for our students. With Wii sports including tennis, golf and bowling, the students were kept inside for some laughs and fun.

Tomorrow’s activity will take the students down the beach for some surf safety before the jump in the water and begin the valuable skill of body surfing!

Welcome New Students

A big welcome to all the new students who arrived at the college today.


Today’s group come from all around the world including; Belgium, El Salvador, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, and Vietnam.

Good luck in your studies and enjoy your time here in Noosa 🙂


Yoga with Anj

Sunshine Beach provides the perfect location for the students to take part in a morning yoga practice. The yoga class is taught by Yoga Instructor and Activities Coordinator at Lexis English- ANJ.


Anj has engaged in yoga practice for over 10 years and has been a qualified yoga instructor for 3 years. Her passion is surfing, so most of her yoga classes provide Pranyama (Breathing) and Asana (poses) that reflects improvements to anatomical areas that are related to surfing. The purpose is to build a strong foundation, so when your in the water you feel strong and flexible and when your out of the water your building the strength needed to maintain great surfing.

Come and join her every Thursday Morning at 6:30am at Sunshine Beach (100m South of the SLSC)

Welcome BBQ

On Monday, we welcomed 48 New Students to Lexis Noosa.

18 New General English Students


and 30 Cambridge Students!


The students were welcome with an orientation followed by a free BBQ at Shade Wine Bar. We were joined by the current students of the college, which gave the new students a chance to mingle with one another and get to know the different nationalities in the school.

Thanks you to Student Uni Travel who gave a away a trip to the Everglades as a lucky door prize!

Catching up with Brazilian Pro Surfer: Italo Ferreira

There are a few things you should know about Italo Ferreira. First, his age: 20 and he is ranked 9 on the WCT (World Championship Tour). Second, he comes from a very fun right-hander in Baia Formoso, Brazil. Third, this WCT rookie is studying at Lexis Noosa over the next few weeks.

I had the privilege of catching up with Italo at the Lexis Noosa Welcome BBQ at Shades Wine Bar on Monday.


So, what brings you to Lexis English Noosa?

I’ve just come from the Quickie Pro at the Gold Coast, where there are a lot of Brazilians who speak Portuguese. I need to improve my English for the media so I thought Noosa would be the best place to come and learn with less Brazilians around me.

Have you had a chance to surf in Noosa yet?

No, not yet. I’ve heard the waves are great and there are some nice point breaks here, I will probably go for a surf this afternoon.

I heard you knocked Kelly Slater out of the Quicksilver Pro a few days ago? That is an amazing achievement!

Kelly is an incredible surfer, who I have a lot of respect for, so for me it was a great achievement!

Thanks for chatting with us today and I hope we can catch up for a surf while you’re here at my local surf spot, Sunshine Beach!

Noosa Photo Competition is heating up…..

Here are the current entries for the photo competition. Don’t forget send through your photos that reflect your time in Noosa. It can be anything from sporting activity to group photo or a scenic picture of Noosa. Be creative! Send your entries to

Competition closes on the 27th March.

Welcome New General English Students !!!

A big welcome to the New General English Students who have arrived today at Lexis Noosa  from; Belgium, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Spain and Switzerland.


Good luck in your studies and enjoy your time here in Noosa.


From left to right;

Back Row: Patrick (Switzerland), Mario (Switzerland), Fridolin (Switzerland), Anke (Germany), Sergi (Spain), Sinyoung (Korea), Rika (Japan), Italo (Brazil), Caroline (Switzerland), Lionel (Belgium)

Front Row: Alfredo (Spain), Matthias (Chile), Sylvie (France), Rie (Japan), Antonio (Switzerland), Jasmin (Switzerland), Saya (Japan), Ines (Switzerland)

Friday Traditions

It is always hard to say goodbye to classmates.

Elementary A with teacher Annette, say goodbye to Jennifer and Francisco.

Elementary A with teacher Annette, say goodbye to Jennifer and Francisco.

Each class will say farewell in a different way, but having a pizza party is always a popular choice.

Today, Annette’s class were saying goodbye to Jennifer and Francisco who are transferring to Lexis Byron Bay. They are sad to leave Noosa but excited about the opportunity to see some more of Australia.

We will miss you both and look forward to hearing from you.

Healthy Eating Workshop: Curry Cooking Class

In today’s workshop, the students had a chance to taste one of Anj’s Curries, which people have said in the past, are probably the best curries in Noosa 🙂 🙂 🙂

In today’s class we made a Massaman Curry.

What’s so good about it:
Studies have shown that chilli consumption can help to control and reduce insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia (high insulin levels) often associated with, Type 2 diabetes. Both chilli, garlic and the spice cardamom used in the curry paste can stimulate digestion and assist with gastrointestinal disorders. Black pepper contains an active ingredient called piperline that is known to enhance digestion and work as an anti-inflammatory. Pumpkin contains carotenoid antioxidants that can help support a healthy immune system.

As we assumed, they students loved the curry, and you could tell this not just by their moans and groans while they were eating, but also because there were no left overs!

Koalas in the wild

South East Queensland is home to the largest concentration of wild Koalas in Australia. But despite its iconic Aussie wildlife status, it’s an animal that even many Australians have never had the chance to see in the wild.

Yesterday, the students from Lexis Noosa had the chance to spot a Koala just meters up the tree at Tea Tree Bay in Noosa National Park. For some, it was only their second day in Australia and they had a chance to see a Koala in the wild!

The students also hiked around the beautiful coast line of Noosa, taking in the Natural Beauty Noosa has to offer.

Meet Nina, our fabulous Cambridge Exams Manager

It has been a hectic few days for our Cambridge Exams Manager, Nina Schiller who has been running the Cambridge speaking exams at both Lexis Noosa and Lexis Sunshine Coast campuses.

With candidates sitting for the Cambridge Proficiency exam, the Advanced exam and the Cambridge First, Nina has been busy organising rooms, examiners and invigilators.  Before each exam Nina must take a photo of the candidate to upload to Cambridge ESOL.

As you can see from these photos, the candidates seem pretty relaxed and happy in Nina’s care.


Not only are there Lexis candidates, but we also welcomed external candidates such as these two charming young German students who are currently studying at Sunshine Beach High school.

Nina with candidates from Sunshine Beach High School

Nina with candidates from Sunshine Beach High School

Looking for Work??

Jobs in Noosa

Wait Staff Wanted

About our Client:
Ricky’s River Bar and Restaurant is known for their suburb food and wine, unparalleled service and beautiful river front views making Ricky’s the ultimate dining experience.
About this Role:
We are looking for an outstanding wait staff member to join this outstanding team. With casual hours, Ricky’s is offering an opportunity for passionate hospitality professionals.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Great communication skills/customer service
  • Well presented, stable and reliable
  • Demonstrate ability to work under pressure with strong work ethic
  • Being able to carry more than two plates
  • Motivated to learn

Skill & Experience:

  • Working in a team environment
  • Experience in a similar role
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Availability to work over 7 days, AM & PM shifts
  • Current Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate
  • Apply at :

Baby Sitter Wanted

We are a family of five living in Noosaville currently looking for someone to lend an extra set of hands on Sunday-Tuesday.

We have two daughters Abbey and Lucy who are almost 11. Abbey has cerebral palsy and cortical vision impairment (blind). She uses a manual wheelchair to get around and can independently move around on the floor. She has a limited vocabulary but understands what you say and can answer yes and no. She can also sign ‘more’. Abbey is happy and generally laid back. Abbey is dependent in all areas, including nappy changing.

Lucy has a mild intellectual disability which means she is a bit behind others of the same age. She can do things herself but does need some encouragement with dressing etc.

Duties would include dressing, feeding and getting girls ready for church between the hours of 7am and 10am. With the possibility of extra hours in the afternoon 3pm – 7pm to help with bath time and dinner feeding. Obviously we will need a calm, patient and happy person to come into our home.

We do have a live-in au pair who helps us through out the week so we are very used to having ‘extra family members.’

You don’t need any experience with disability just the desire to learn and a heart to accept.

When applying for this position please state NANNY in your application.


Apply at;

Sushi Yah-man – Noosa Heads QLD

Australia Noosa Heads 調理師求ム!

オーストラリアのヌーサにある日本食レストラン Sushi yah-man では、調理師の方を募集してます。
仕事内容 主に調理(寿司含む)


勤務地 Australia Noosa Heads オーストラリア ヌーサヘッズ
勤務時間 シフト制 週5日勤務
給料 年間$45000以上
待遇 VISAサポート有
休日 シフト制により不定休
応募資格 キッチンでの調理経験があり、自信のある方!
採用人数 1 名

(採用プロセス) 直接お店に連絡下さい。
面接日 連絡頂ければ、日時を決めスカイプにて面接させて頂きます。
採用担当者 長井 水葵
担当者からひと言 VISAのサポートさせて頂きますので、ヤル気のある方の応募をお待ちしております。
連絡先 TEL: +61753241071 または TEL: +61412475739

Dish Hand Wanted

Fratellini in Sunshine Beach requires a dishy 9amto 1 and 6pm to close Saturday and Sunday as well as every morning over the Easter school hols. Previous experience essential and some prep skills appreciated. Send your cv to and call Andrew on 0409095349 thanks (required to start Sat 14th March

Cleaner/ House Keeper Wanted
For a Nossaville resort
Must have experience
With an eye for detail be reliable and have an ABN or be able to obtain one from the net
If you have all the above and wish to work in a very friendly atmosphere
Call 0409 779 373

Experienced Floor Staff Wanted

Cafe/bar on Hastings street is looking for junior staff with some hospitality experience. Must be well presented, enthusiastic, ready to learn and available weekends.

Apply at;


Welcome New Students

A big welcome to the new students who arrived today at Lexis Noosa from; Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands and Switzerland. Good luck in your studies and enjoy your time here in Noosa 🙂 🙂


From left to right;

Back Row: Moonsook (Korea), Masaski (Japan). Dominic (Switzerland), Sylvia (Switzerland), Nicole (Switzerland), Lea (Switzerland), Michelle (Switzerland), Andrea (The Netherlands), Alberto (Italy), Minki (Korea), Da Eun (Korea)

Front Row: Honami (Japan), Anna (Italy), Vera (Switzerland), Seraina (Switzerland), Yoshimi (Japan), Natsko (Japan), Mai (Japan), Stacy (Switzerland)

Aussie Beer Tasting

It’s Friday afternoon, and what  better way to end the speaking exams and kick start the weekend than with some Australian Beers to taste.

Australia has become well recognised for the beers they produce, so no wonder the students piled into room 10 to taste the different beers we have on offer here in Oz.

The students were also provided with some tasting notes and took part in beer trivia. What a great afternoon! Happy Friday!

What’s Happening this Weekend?

Nosa surfing fest 2015

Its that time of the year again. Noosa Festival of Surfing will be in full swing from today at 2pm!The Noosa Festival of Surfing celebrates the spirit of surfing and brings some of the world’s best longboarders to Noosa’s famous First Point.

There will be professional men’s and women’s events, teams contests, amateur divisions, live music, movies, surfing dogs, surf expo and more.

Action out of the water centres around the XXXX Summer Beach Bar and Zinc 96 Stage, right on the sand, with music by Cheap Fakes, Band of Frequencies, Expand and Surrender and Pat Cappocci. New and classic surf flicks will screen after dark, including the world premiere of festival documentary, 8 Days of Pure Stoke presented by 7-times world champion Layne Beachley on Monday 8 March.

The festival’s off-beach entertainment venue, Café Le Monde, will also host Surf Unearthed, a showcase of surf-oriented musicians. Check out the schedule below!

Noosa Surfing festival fri-wed

Noosa surfing fest

Photo Competition

Photo Comp Pic Updated

Next week we are running a photo competition over two weeks to find the best photo from a student that reflects their time here in Noosa. The winning photo will be professionally enhanced and placed on the wall in reception. It is easy to enter. Please view the poster above and on activities board for details! Good Luck!

Meet Laia and Nelson

Catalan student Laia Campos Estremera is ending her Cambridge English studies on a high, fulfilling a life long dream to swim with seals.

Laia with 5 year old Nelson at Underwater World.

Laia with 5-year-old Nelson at Underwater World.


I interviewed Laia about her experience.

How did you learn about Underwater World? A classmate told me about it. It is on the Sunshine Coast so is near and not as expensive as Sea World.

Why were you interested in visiting Underwater World?   It was because I wanted to have an experience with animals before I left. I really wanted to feed dolphins but this was impossible and then my classmate told me about swimming with the Seals. We can’t do this in Spain.  You can also swim with sharks, but I preferred seals.

How did you organise this?  Carolina at Backpackers World Travel organised this for me. They are attached to the school so it was easy.

Was it as good as you expected?  It was the best experience in Australia for me. When you  do these kinds of activities you come back and your self-esteem is higher. I am a teacher, when I go back to Spain, I will find out about a Master Studies in education therapy with animals.  My whole experience of coming to Australia and learning English has given me strength and confidence. I feel I can return and be able to do anything I put my mind to.

 The photo is wonderful.  Yes, the five-year old seal is called Nelson. After I finished swimming with all the seals he just came up to me and was very affectionate. I can’t describe in words how wonderful it was. I recommend this activity to everyone before leaving.

Thank you so much Laia for sharing your story with everyone. 🙂


What happens on a Monday at Lexis Noosa?

Each Monday we have the arrival of new students to Lexis Noosa. After testing they are given an induction, that gives them an idea of what to expect while here in Noosa.

Then they sit down for their interviews which determine the classroom they will be in based on their English level. After their lunch break they join their class from 1pm. At 2pm we have activity, the favourite part of the day for the students. Here is where they have a chance to explore the local area, take part in physical activity and get to know the other student from different countries. And what a beautiful afternoon we had on Monday with a game of Beach Volleyball at Noosa Main Beach 🙂

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