Activities, activities and more activities!

The last two days at Lexis Noosa have been jammed packed full of activities.

Monday was our Table Tennis Competition. The students gathered in the common room for a action packed competition. In the finals we had our current champion, Hiromu (Japan) against a new competitor Javier (Spain). It was like watching Nadal Vs Nishikori. This time round Javier was the more fierce competitor and had now be crowned ‘The Best Table Tennis Player in Noosa’, well done!

Tuesday afternoon was our Healthy Eating workshop. In today’s workshop we focused on International foods and looked into foods from South America. We made a traditional Inka dish called Solerito.

After the Healthy Eating Workshop, we had our wine tasting activity. In Australia we produced some of the best grapes in the world, and today”s activity tested the students palates with a blinded tasting of different grape varieties from different regions.

What a great way to start the week!

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