Soccer Match: Noosa Vs Maroochydore

Yesterday, was our monthly rivalry soccer match against the Lexis Maroochydore school. We gathered at the local soccer grounds in Noosa where we training and psyched ourselves up before the Maroochydore side arrived. We began the match with a goal scored within the first minute by our Brazilian soccer star, Rafael! Shortly after this, our midfielders worked well as team to pass another ball through for Rafael to score. Before half time, Park showed us his Timmy Cahil skills with a nice header in the back of the net. After half time and with a few shift of players, one of our new students Manuel, scored two lovely goals in the back of the net, followed by another two from Park, bring him up to a hat trick. Just before full time Mario scored the final goal taking the score up to 8-0.

A special mention to Ramon for his great performance on the field and as our new team captain. Thanks to our keeper, Timon for some great saves. To our attacks Will, Fernando and Paula; Will’s mind was else where with 4 shots on goal all going over the bar, Paula- even though you didn’t touch the ball, you played in style and Fernando, some great passing and shots on goal.

Our Midfielders; Peter, Jacob, Sven, and Pol all played well feeding the ball through to our attacks but also moving back and defending when needed. Jorge played solid in defense, not allowing a single ball past him.

Wayne played well in defense clearing the ball when needed. And Unai received a yellow card for his consistency in offside and yelling at the referee- bad boy!

Thanks for a great game guys, you always make your coach very proud! 🙂

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