Renting your own apartment in Noosa

Most students like to live with a local family or in an organised student house when they first arrive. This is a good idea, as it gives you time to adjust to your new life style, meet local people and feel safe and secure so far away from home. However, if you are intending to study or stay in Australia for a long period, you will most probably want to look for your own accommodation after a few weeks.

The government have a website especially designed to give advice for people wanting to rent houses or apartments.  It is called the Residential Tenancies Authority and you will find it at    Some of the good advice they give is:


It is usually not difficult to find accommodation in Noosa and the best place to start is by talking to other students. We have a notice board and information folder in reception where students and members of the public will post adverts for share accommodation.

The most important advice is to check out the apartment or house carefully and if possible talk to someone else who has lived there or ask for a reference. Happy House hunting.

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