Healthy Eating Workshop: Summer Eating

Synchronising your diet with the seasons is certainly not a new concept. In these technologically advanced, busy times things are a little different. Our food supply reflects these changes; food has been engineered for efficiency and convenience, rather than entrusted to nature and the seasons. There are many benefits to eating a diet based on seasonal availability. Here are the top reasons why I prefer to eat this way:

Taste:  Foods that are grown and picked when they naturally should be are fresher and contain just the right balance of flavour producing chemicals and nutrients.

Nutrient content: Foods that are available out of season have generally been stored for long periods or shipped from halfway around the world to ensure a steady supply year round. Certain nutrients like vitamin C and cell-protecting phyto-chemicals are particularly susceptible to losses from prolonged storage and transportation. All fruits and vegetables start to lose nutrients immediately after they are harvested, so the best produce is the freshest. This is why it is best to shop at  Noosa Farmers each Sunday; as they sell food that is in season and fresh from the farm.

Diversity: We are encouraged to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables that are different in colours to provide our bodies with the full spectrum of essential nutrients needed for health and vitality. Summer is the best time to enjoy fresh made juices from raw fruits and vegetables that are bursting with vitality and goodness.

Environment: Food miles are a major issue impacting the sustainability of our food supply. Take a moment to consider the time, labour, resources and energy put into producing a food that is then flown around the world to totally different country. Food wastage is another huge concern. We should support our local farmers by buying fruits and vegetables in season.

In today’s class, we prepared a dish that uses all fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. We made a Mango and Coconut Salsa with Corn and Pea Fritters.


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