Whoops – I broke my English contract! Here is my poem!


Thou art splendid and cozy

Different from all who I ‘ve met before

When I arrived you received me with arms and heart open

Your energy enchants and bursts with good vibrations

No wonder that everybody around you changes when they see you

You have power to soothe and transform

Bursting with green and life

Those that can feel your heart, your clean seas

Rejuvenate souls and scars

I appreciate everything you ‘ve been doing for me

And one day I hope to repay

But for now I just can say thank you very much

I really love you NOOSARADISE

photo 3Our Brazilian IELTS student was caught by our Director of Studies Becky speaking Portuguese and received one of our infamous green slips. He brought back the beautiful poem above. Thank you Willian! .

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