Body Surfing Noosa

With the arrival of some new students this week, we decided to do a surf safety/body surfing activity to educate them of surf awareness and surf confidence.

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In Australian oceans we have interchangeable conditions, and with incoming or out going tides, changes occur quickly, and rips are formed. Its important to know how to identify rip and to swim in a safe area (always between the flags)!

Today, the students also learned how to use their body to catch a wave. A great skill to have while in Australia. We preformed a demonstration on the beach, and then Anj and Aaron had a competition on who could catch a wave the longest. I’d like to say it was close, but Anj was by far the better body surfer with her wave all the way to the shore, leaving Aaron shamefully hanging on the sand bank out the back.

The students then had a chance to body surf themselves, and were picking up the skills very quickly for their first attempts. Keep trying and practicing body surfing every time you go to the beach, and you will be professionals by the time you leave Australia 🙂

body surf

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