Cultural Exchange: Beer Pong

On Friday, Lexis students gathered in the sunny courtyard to celebrate the coming weekend with fun-filled afternoon of American Beer Pong.  The rules of Beer Pong are simple:

1.  Half-fill six red college cups with beer or water and arrange them in a pyramid shape on both sides of the table.

2. Two teams of two players face off and take turns trying to throw a ping-pong ball into the opposing side’s cups.  When balls are successfully thrown into the cups, the opposing side must drink the contents of that cup.

3.  Repeat until a team no longer has any cups in front of them.  The team with cups remaining on their side wins the match!

On this particular day, students set up three different tables so that three different matches could be played at once.  Up to 18 people played on nine different teams, with fun being had by all.  When matches were finished, losing teams rotated off so that other people could learn and participate in the game.  What was initially supposed to be an hour of entertainment quickly turned into two as the competitive spirit took hold and students became determined to win and stay at their tables.  In the end, it was our Catalan team, Gerard and Jesse, who won the day by going undefeated in all of their matches! Excellent teamwork, guys!

lexis beer pong

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