Hosting the Lovely Saudi Boys

Here is a lovely testimonial from one of our Noosa host families about hosting Saudi Arabians 🙂

Last year my husband David and I hosted Abdullah and Saad from the Saudi Arabian National Guard. Living in Noosa we are very much isolated from other cultures so to be able to host these guys is an amazing and enriching cultural experience for anyone. Abdullah was our first Saudi student, it took him a little while to adjust to life in Noosa but he settled in quickly and before long he became a much loved part of our family. After three months Abdullah went back home to get married (he came back to Australia but had to study in Brisbane once he was married) so his friend Saad moved in with us for the next six months. We still keep in contact with both of these guys, they have such a wonderful sense of humour and they value family and friendship to the highest degree.



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