#LexisSelfie Competetion

This Friday afternoon we will be announcing the winners of the Lexis Selfie competition. It will be your final chance to vote for your favourite Selfie. The winner receives a trip to the Everglades and goes into the competition for another week against all the winners of the other school in Australia to win a 3 day 2 night Fraser Island Adventure. Go on to https://www.facebook.com/groups/lexisnoosa to vote for your favourite photo. We will be having beer and snacks on Friday and view all entries on the TV and announce the winner. The winner must be present to receive the prize!

Here is an updates on photos and ‘Likes’ so far.

Bec Cantor- 11 likes


Lucas Baston- 124 likes

Lucas Baston

Annie Lui – 14 Likes


Lorraine Gosse- 55 Likes

Lorraine Gosse

Angela Lexis English- 20 Likes


Nicole Hurlimann – 31 likes

Nicole Hurlimann

Ricardo Murta Guimaraes- 88 Likes

Ricardo Murta Guimaraes

Lorraine Gosse – 21 likes

Lorraine Gosse 2

Willian Macedo – 152 likes


Elena Hanggeli- 13 likes

Elena Hanggeli

Chiwei Wang (Wanye)- 14 likes

Chiwei Wang (Wayne)

Michaela Knecht- 31 likes

Michaela Knecht

Beccy Cantor- 34 Likes


Dominika Raczova- 16 likes

Dominika Raczova

Angela Lexis English – 13 likes

Angela Lexis

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