Cambridge Advanced students visit Eumundi Market

Eumundi 2Eumundi 1Here is what they have to say:

Eumundi Markets – ‘Compliments and Critiques’

The Biggest Market in the Southern Hemisphere

Are you looking for something special or handmade? If the answer is yes you should definitely visit the original Eumundi Markets. At the market you can try exotic food and freshly made smoothies. Nadja

Eumundi Market … Stalls with uniqueness

At the Eumundi Market we could discover many stalls with a wide variety of authentic produce and gifts. Elena

The Eumundi Market … A must for everyone

What I enjoyed most about the Eumundi Market was the vast variety of food from all over the world. Lisanne

Colourful Eumundi Market

I was impressed by the culinary variety of international specialities. The different coloured bars of soap with their intense smells were very picturesque. Janine

The Whole World in One Place

If you would like to try absolutely fantastic tastes from all over the world you need to visit the Eumundi Markets. Mish

Eumundi Market – Uniqueness since 1979, due to the variety of genuine and authentic products with origins from all over the world. Sabrina

The Eumundi Market  – a slice of heaven for everyone who loves delicious food, trashy gifts, local art and alternative therapy. Raphael

The Eumundi Market

where you can eat the best beetroot-pumpkin salad ever. Simona

the people at the Eumundi Market are so nice that spending money is even easier…Geraldine

a great mixture of cultures and people which you will love… Daniela

a pretty nice and very cultural experience… Nicole

besides a lot of plastic things and trash made in China the Eumundi Market offers a few interesting things…???

is the best place to meet people from all over the world … Arisa

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