Yoga for Surfers @ Sunshine Beach

Another great morning for a beach yoga session. Yoga for surfers is a modern, dynamic and challenging style of yoga that targets certain parts of the body that could be operating more effectively while surfing. This session focused on yoga movements, postures and stretches to strengthen high stressed areas used in Surfing such as the neck, shoulders, back. In today’s session we included;

-Breath awareness (Sama Vritti- Equal breathing) to cleanse our nervous systems and increase lung capacity

– Strengthening our shoulders and core regions to assist with paddling and getting up on the surfboards.

– Improve joint flexibility, mobility and adaptability

– Balancing poses and balancing out left and right side imbalances.

A lovely way to start our Tuesday morning.


Next beach yoga session will take place on Tuesday 28th October @ 6:30am at Sunshine Beach 🙂

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