Whoops I broke my English Only Contract!!!

MiriamAndrina and Miriam were caught speaking Swiss German.  They decided to share the ‘pain’ and produce a piece of writing together.  Below is their combined effort:

Piip Piip!

If we would get the chance to be an animal we’d like to be two mice. Our daily routine would be breaking into Coles or Sogo and having a party there.  There we could eat and drink as much as we’d like.  Probably the next day we’d have a hangover and can’t attend the Lexis Mice School (School for Swiss-German speaking mice).  Maybe we would turn up at school after lunch and if it would be a really bad day Nina would catch us complaining about the CAE exam.  Maybe the two mice would find out that they should study more and make less party.  Then there would be a chance to pass the mice CAE.  But as you know mice are not that clever so they would probably carry on in the same way as before!

For luck we are not two mice and will try to study harder.

Thank you Andrina and Miriam – we LOVED your story!

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