How does Noosa compare to Switzerland?

CAMBRIDGE CPE student Morena Schaerer

compares Noosa with her hometown of Kirchberg.


To compare Noosa with my hometown is a rather tough issue.  Although Noosa is considered a fairly small town in Australia, so is Kirchberg in Switzerland and that means it is tiny in comparison.  While Noosa has about 20,000 residents, Kirchberg has only 6,000 and might therefore not even be called a town in Australia.

Even though they differ in population, one can still discover a few small similarities every day.  One might just walk through the streets to become aware of them.  For example, people are equally friendly and respectful in both places.  They would smile at you when passing you by and the cars would stop immediately whenever you arrive at a crossroad.  Due to such little habits, Noosa reminds me much of my hometown.

In contrast to that, differences rather occur in the structures of the two towns.  All over Noosa, for example, there are beaches of which of course Switzerland does not have any.  Also, Noosa is rather hilly whereas Kirchberg is plain, since it’s located in the so-called middle lands.  What distinguishes them most, however, is that in contrast to Switzerland, Noosa is built almost exclusively out of one-storey houses.

In conclusion, it appears that although the physical structure of the tow towns differs much, their inhabitants seem to live and act in a very similar way.  That is most probably what makes me feel so comfortable in Noosa.

This is why Lexis students never feel homesick!

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