A warm welcome to the family, Merian-Rutishauser!

Meet Steeve, Corinna and their four children – Ludovic, Laeticia, Chloe and Lois; all the way from Geneva in Switzerland!

Merian-Rutishauser (2)The Merian-Rutishauser family have joined us for 11 weeks at Lexis Noosa. Corinna (mother) and Ludovic (aged 16) are studying a General English course. Corinna has been placed in our Intermediate class and Ludovic has joined the Pre-Intermediate class. Laeticia (aged 14), Chloe (aged 12) and Lois (aged 10), are participating in our exciting Teen Activity Program. Steeve (father) has been on holiday and making the most of his time in Noosa, with its great kite-surfing and surfing conditions.

All family members are happy with their class levels and teachers. Laeticia said she “likes the change of pace during the daily schedule, from being in a General English class with adult students and then joining the fun activities each afternoon with other junior students”. A big high five should be given to Chloe and Lois who are our youngest students at Lexis Noosa and although are beginners in English, both are doing very well and we hope this experience will inspire them to continue with their language learning wherever it may take them 

When asked why they choose Noosa as a destination, I had a few different responses, but one point was clear; the family were all happy to be at Lexis English and in Noosa!

The first response from Steeve was simply that “where else would be want to be, Noosa is a paradise”. Corinna added “we decided to focus our project on Australia and chose Lexis, as not many schools offered the same course flexibility that Lexis English provides, catering to the range of ages within our family”. Corinna mentioned being “happy with the support given by Lexis and the administration and academic staff are all very welcoming and friendly”. Corinna and Steeve sourced their own accommodation on airbnb and are very pleased with their decision. Their apartment is a 20 minute walk to school and located in Noosa Heads. Outside of class the family have been exploring Noosa’s many beaches, body boarding and shopping.
Corinna and Steeve have both previously travelled to Australia and wanted to bring their children to experience what may be one of the last opportunities they have to travel abroad together. Ludovic and Laeticia (being young adults), will venture out on their own after they have completed their studies back in Switzerland and Corinna and Steeve feel this opportunity will give both Ludovic and Laeticia, a valuable tool in learning independence.

We wish you all the very best with your studies and it has been wonderful having you all with us at Lexis English!

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