The Great Australian BBQ

What better way to wind down and kick off the weekend than with a BBQ the Australian way. For today’s activity, The TAP and General students cooked up a feast of sausages and burgers, played soccer and relaxed in the sun at the Noosa Lions Park. The river was glistening and the students enjoyed feeding the ducks as they swam on by.

Life’s pretty good being a Lexis student!

Have an awesome weekend everybody 🙂



Zumba with Nella

 We had a large group of students gather in the common room this afternoon, for a FREE Zumba class. Venezuelan born local lady, Nella, came in to teach a Zumba class, and with six years experiences, she had almost the whole Lexis Noosa students and staff on their feet dancing around. The Latin American students were thoroughly enjoying this activity, dominating the dance moves. Thanks for a great afternoon of dance, Nella!!!


Ping Pong Wednesday

Grey clouds rolled in and beach cricket quickly turned to a mighty battle on the ping pong table for this afternoons activity. 

Everyone gathered around for an individual tournament playing for the ping pong crown and a big bag of chocolate koalas.

Congratulations to Patrick for wining the title and thanks for sharing your chocolates 🙂 

See you all Friday for a BBQ in the park the Aussie way.


Meet Johana from Colombia!

Hello my name is Johana and I come from Bogota, Colombia.

I am studying General English for 24 weeks at Lexis Noosa. I started my course in the intermediate class and studied at this level for 6 weeks and now I am in the upper-intermediate class. I will join the IELTS preparation course for 12 weeks and hope to strengthen my writing skills and perhaps I will take the exam, but I have not yet decided. In the afternoons I participate in the ‘News’ options class and really enjoy the different use of English this class offers, as it helps to improve my vocabulary and is interesting at the same time. My teachers are great and I like that they are native English speakers from different countries like, Australia, America and the United Kingdom because this helps to get used to different pronunciations, which we have to adapt to in real situations.

I chose to study in Noosa because I think there are a lot of Latin Americans in the bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne and I wanted to integrate with other cultures and Noosa being a smaller city offers this opportunity. I am very happy with my decision and enjoy the beach, national park and the weekend activities, such as Australia Zoo, Fraser Island and the Aquarium at Underwater World. Noosa is also very touristic, so there are a lot of jobs and I think it’s easier to get hired here than other places. I am working on the weekend at a resort cleaning and a previous Colombian student introduced me to this job. I like it and it’s easy and also good to experience a different job, compared to my profession as a psychologist in Bogota.

I live in a share house with an Australian family and other international students, but I first lived in a very nice host family for my first month. The family was very kind and took me and their other student from Switzerland to many places and was interested in spending time with us. I have really enjoyed my time here so far and met many different cultures and like the experience of learning English from the beginning and seeing my improvements each day – it really works!









Thanks Johana 🙂

Jobs Available

Caali Indian Restaurant on Hastings Street is looking for wait staff and dish washers for weekends and nights.

Call Nitin Arti on 0432 741 204

If you have a student visa or working holiday visa, there are plenty of jobs coming up.

Our busy tourist season starts soon. If you need help finding employment attend our Lexis Workshop. Sign up on the student notice board today.


A warm welcome to our new students!

On this sunny (and almost Spring) Monday we are pleased to welcome:Iori, Atsuko, Yumie and Wakana from Japan. Sam and Johnny from South Korea. Diana from Colombia and Peter from the Czech Republic. 









We hope you have an amazing time studying at Lexis English and enjoy your stay in Australia!

What’s That Smell and Taste?

Today’s activity saw the TAP and general students combine to test their taste buds and sense for scents. Everybody was blind folded with jungle animal masks before braving the spoon for eight different foods in which they tried to guess correctly. The food selection ranged from delicious nutella and strawberry jam to the not so popular vegemite and vinegar. A great effort by all the students but congratulations to will (Brazil) who came out on top rewarding his taste buds with a big box of chocolates. Have a great weekend everybody.


What’s that smell and taste?

Today’s activity saw the TAP and general students test their taste buds and sense for scents. Everybody was blindfolded with jungle animal masks before braving the spoon for eight different foods in which they tried to guess correctly. The food selection ranged from delicious nutella and strawberry jam to the not so popular vegemite and vinegar. A great effort by all the students but congratulations to will (Brazil) who came out on top rewarding his taste buds with a big box of chocolates. Have a great weekend everybody.


Practical Learning with Phil

Phil took his elementary TAPS to Hastings Street and National Park to use English in a real life situation.








Prac learning


We are so lucky to have this on our door step where we can just walk down the road for a practical English learning lesson and enjoy the beautiful surroundings 🙂

A warm welcome to the family, Merian-Rutishauser!

Meet Steeve, Corinna and their four children – Ludovic, Laeticia, Chloe and Lois; all the way from Geneva in Switzerland!

Merian-Rutishauser (2)The Merian-Rutishauser family have joined us for 11 weeks at Lexis Noosa. Corinna (mother) and Ludovic (aged 16) are studying a General English course. Corinna has been placed in our Intermediate class and Ludovic has joined the Pre-Intermediate class. Laeticia (aged 14), Chloe (aged 12) and Lois (aged 10), are participating in our exciting Teen Activity Program. Steeve (father) has been on holiday and making the most of his time in Noosa, with its great kite-surfing and surfing conditions.

All family members are happy with their class levels and teachers. Laeticia said she “likes the change of pace during the daily schedule, from being in a General English class with adult students and then joining the fun activities each afternoon with other junior students”. A big high five should be given to Chloe and Lois who are our youngest students at Lexis Noosa and although are beginners in English, both are doing very well and we hope this experience will inspire them to continue with their language learning wherever it may take them 

When asked why they choose Noosa as a destination, I had a few different responses, but one point was clear; the family were all happy to be at Lexis English and in Noosa!

The first response from Steeve was simply that “where else would be want to be, Noosa is a paradise”. Corinna added “we decided to focus our project on Australia and chose Lexis, as not many schools offered the same course flexibility that Lexis English provides, catering to the range of ages within our family”. Corinna mentioned being “happy with the support given by Lexis and the administration and academic staff are all very welcoming and friendly”. Corinna and Steeve sourced their own accommodation on airbnb and are very pleased with their decision. Their apartment is a 20 minute walk to school and located in Noosa Heads. Outside of class the family have been exploring Noosa’s many beaches, body boarding and shopping.
Corinna and Steeve have both previously travelled to Australia and wanted to bring their children to experience what may be one of the last opportunities they have to travel abroad together. Ludovic and Laeticia (being young adults), will venture out on their own after they have completed their studies back in Switzerland and Corinna and Steeve feel this opportunity will give both Ludovic and Laeticia, a valuable tool in learning independence.

We wish you all the very best with your studies and it has been wonderful having you all with us at Lexis English!

Welcome New Students


A big welcome to the new students who arrived today from all around the world. We hope you enjoy your stay here in Noosa 🙂


From left to right: Benjamin (Germany), Nagisa (Japan), Linda (Switzerland), William (Brazil), Marilia (Brazil), Nathan (Belgium), Patrick (Switzerland), Yuya (Japan), Kanade (Japan)






Beach Cricket and Noosa National Park

photo 5

On Friday last week, we enjoyed some beach cricket with some of our Japanese students who were here from Osaka. This was their first time playing cricket of any kind, but as baseball pros they learnt quickly and had a lot of fun! It was a very close game, with just 52 runs to 51! Congratulations to the winning team!

PicMonkey Collage

Today, a small group of students enjoyed a leisurely stroll from Lexis up to Laguna Lookout and then on to Tea Tree Bay in Noosa National Park. We weren’t lucky enough to see any Koalas this time, but we did get a very good look at a Kookaburra sitting in a tree at the lookout. Hungry after our walk, we decided to head back out of the national park to school and for some to catch the sunset.

PicMonkey Collage

Welcome NEW Students

A big welcome to the new students who arrived today in Noosa. Good luck with your studies and I hope you all enjoy your stay here 🙂











From left to right:

Back row: Misaki (Japan), Samuele (Italy), Chris (Switzerland), Melina (Switzerland), Sung Hun Ban (Korea), Anna (Brazil), Elena (Switzerland)

Front row: Ayaka (Japan), Emi (Japan), Yuki (Japan), Rysuke (Japan), Kyuma (Japan)

USC – Open Day this Sunday!




Outdoor Games at Lions Park

After a very rainy game of beach volleyball on Monday that we had to stop early, we were all excited to get out into the sun for a couple of hours this afternoon. After all, we had some outdoor games to play! We started off with a game of British Bulldogs to get everyone into the mood, with two of our Japanese students from Osaka winning, and then moved on to some rather classic sports day competitions.

PicMonkey CollageThe students got to try their hand at wheelbarrow races, a three-legged race, an egg and spoon race, a sack race and a water balloon toss. All of the games were action-packed and full of laughs, with some very happy winners at the end of the day. We finished off the afternoon with a relaxed cool down session, some students choosing to play football, and others getting to know the ducks in the river at Lions park. All in all, another great day!

PicMonkey Collage2

Listening to English is fun in the Music Option

Our Music option students used the computer room today to help improve their listeMusic Optionning skills.


They utilised a program that let them choose any song and then do a gap fill exercise. Elementary level students can choose vocabulary from a drop down menu. Higher levels can type the word. Perfect for everyone.

A crowd pleaser!



Friday’s Beach Soccer

Friday afternoons are always fun at Lexis- today we went down to Main beach to play some soccer on the sand. We started with only a few players but gathered enough for a 6 on 7 game. It was very sunny down at the beach so the students worked up a sweat very quickly, ending the first half of the game 1-0, smiling but tired.

PicMonkey Collage













We had a quick 10 minute break to cool down- some students opted for a sit down in the shade and others for a dip in the very refreshing sea!


Once the game was back on the students got into full swing, with Lucas scoring an end to end goal early on and then our other Lucas adding another from the halfway line. The goals kept coming in the second half, with some great running, defense and lots of laughing from everyone!

There was a fight to the finish in the last few minutes of the game, but the final score was 4-3. After some full time photos, the students were happy to jump back into the water and sit down in the shade again- a great start to the weekend!