National Park Walk

np walk 5

Yesterday’s activity was a walk through Noosa’s beautiful National Park. With quite a few new students in the group, it was a great chance to meet some new people and explore a new part of Noosa.

The weather was sunny, but we were lucky enough to have a breeze that made our walk refreshing rather than sticky! After having a look at the map to see our route through the park we set off along the path to see what we could spot.

We were passed by lots of friendly people and a couple stopped to tell us they had just seen a Koala around the corner at Tea Tree bay. After a few minutes of wandering around with our eyes firmly on the tree tops we found a man taking a picture of a tree- the students raced towards him and we were all happy to see a sleepy koala, high up on a branch.

np walk 2

After the excitement, we carried on through the park swapping stories and getting to know each other, stopping to take in the fantastic views along the coastal path.

When we reached Hell’s gate we stopped for a rest and to take some more photos and just before we were leaving, we spotted some turtles swimming about, bobbing up and down in the waves.

We decided to head back out of the national park and just a few minutes later we were amazed to see some dolphins playing at the bottom of the cliffs, there were 11 of them that we could count! We headed back towards main beach with a spring in our step- all happy that we got to see so many animals, meet so many people and enjoy another beautiful day in Noosa!

July NP walk collage

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