Lion’s Park Ultimate Frisbee

In our last game of ultimate this month there was plenty of excitement. There has been a lot of training recently and it was easy to see the results of this on the field today as the disc zipped from one end zone to the other.  When we first arrived at the park it was quite quiet which was an opportunity for some to get a little work done while we waited for everyone else to arrive. We were even joined by some wildlife.PicMonkey Collage

We started off with some serious warming up practicing throwing the disc. After this we got down to the game itself. It was end to end stuff with a lot of running involved. It was a great work-out! We had amazing points scored by both teams and there were plenty of catches in the end zones made by fingertips. There was also a lot of great defensive moves. 072065
After the game we stopped to get some water and cool down and people started to head to the beach to make the most of the last of the sun and the sunset and maybe even to have a swim. What an end to a day!081

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