Table Tennis Tournament

Today’s activity was a table tennis tournament. There are always some fantastic players at Lexis and at the moment is no exception. We had 16 of the best table tennis players in Lexis Noosa taking part and there was some stiff competition. Today was also one of the rare overcast days in Noosa so we didn’t even miss any sun!2009-01-28 02.21.38

We started off in the early rounds with some fantastic games already, such was the quality of the players. With players from all over the world, there were many different styles and techniques on display. It’s always great to have such a mix of cultures interacting. We had matches between Colombia and France, Switzerland and Korea and many more.2009-01-28 02.22.11

After fifteen intense and closely contested matches we had a masterclass of a final between Paula, our Colombian professional ultimate Frisbee player and Ragi our Korean table tennis master. It was a great game to watch but Ragi eventually came out on top with his underhand grip winning out against Paula’s more traditional hand hold. Everyone had a great time and it was great to see such an improvement in the quality of table tennis that everyone showed.2009-01-28 02.23.34

After it had finished we had a friendly game of traditional round the table, a great way to get the heart racing!2009-01-28 02.22.36

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