Pool tournament

Last week’s pool tournament was a nerve wracking event and now that I’ve got all the pictures I can share every moment with you. We had a very competitive field and everyone was on top of their game so it was a hotly contested event.PicMonkey Collage

The Reef hosted us for all our matches. We started out with sixteen players and over the course of the afternoon we played a total of fifteen games on the Reefs two great quality tables.

The runner up

The runner up

There were some great matches which culminated in an epic clash between Lucas and MJ. It was close with Lucas playing a natural and free game and MJ playing precise and technical shots. Eventually Lucas broke the deadlock and surged into a six ball lead. MJ played some nice defensive shots but it wasn’t enough and Lucas potted his last red perfectly leaving a straight black to the middle pocket. It seemed like and unmissable shot. In a cruel twist of fate however Lucas managed to pot the black in the wrong pocket giving a technical win to MJ against all the odds!

The last shot!

The last shot!

The Winner!

The Winner!

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