National Park Walk

np walk 5

Yesterday’s activity was a walk through Noosa’s beautiful National Park. With quite a few new students in the group, it was a great chance to meet some new people and explore a new part of Noosa.

The weather was sunny, but we were lucky enough to have a breeze that made our walk refreshing rather than sticky! After having a look at the map to see our route through the park we set off along the path to see what we could spot.

We were passed by lots of friendly people and a couple stopped to tell us they had just seen a Koala around the corner at Tea Tree bay. After a few minutes of wandering around with our eyes firmly on the tree tops we found a man taking a picture of a tree- the students raced towards him and we were all happy to see a sleepy koala, high up on a branch.

np walk 2

After the excitement, we carried on through the park swapping stories and getting to know each other, stopping to take in the fantastic views along the coastal path.

When we reached Hell’s gate we stopped for a rest and to take some more photos and just before we were leaving, we spotted some turtles swimming about, bobbing up and down in the waves.

We decided to head back out of the national park and just a few minutes later we were amazed to see some dolphins playing at the bottom of the cliffs, there were 11 of them that we could count! We headed back towards main beach with a spring in our step- all happy that we got to see so many animals, meet so many people and enjoy another beautiful day in Noosa!

July NP walk collage

Meet your classmate!

Giuliana has joined us at Lexis Noosa and comes from beautiful Buenos Aires in Argentina….

Hello everyone my name is Giuliana and I come from Buenos Aires in Argentina. I am currently studying General English at pre-intermediate level and it’s been very good. I have a great teacher and nice classmates. I am hoping to improve my English language, so I can go onto study a degree at USC, or enrol in a course at TAFE. I love learning languages and have previously studied French (in France) and hope one day to work in translations, or become a sports and fitness teacher, or maybe I can combine the two somehow. I love feeling motivated and energetic and want my career to have this, so the first start is to learn English and then studying in a place like Noosa, also provides a natural and healthy living environment.











Learning English in a real environment

Teaching English outside the classroom can turn a mundane exercise into something vibrant and lively. It also gives students the opportunity to use language in a ‘real life’ situation and interact with different people.

Part of our Intermediate course this week is ‘Describing People’.   After presenting and pre teaching the language needed, teachers Michelle and Dionne took their students to Eumundi Markets with a real life task.

Here is the work sheet the students were given and a great example of descriptive language by Andrea Nino

1001 2002
















Hatsushiba Hashimoto student Kotaro enjoying his time with the Rewell family



One of our new students from Hatsushiba Hashimoto High School, Kotaro was welcomed with a big cake by the Rewell family!

Michelle, the host mother says Kotaro and her children are having a great time together! We hope his English improves while he is with the Rewell family and Lexis Sunshine Coast!

Hatsushiba Hashimoto Students first day at Lexis English

PicMonkey Collage2

Yesterday the students from Lexis Sunshine Coast enjoyed a game of Beach Volleyball down on the Cotton Tree Beach.

It was a lot of fun for the students from Hatsushiba Hashimoto as they got to experience the great Australian winter (25 degrees!) and meet students from other nationalities. 

What a great first day!

Work Available

Rock Salt Restaurant, Quamby Place, Noosaville is looking for a Dishwasher 5 nights per week.




If you are still looking for work, join the Lexis Workshop, every Thursday at 2 pm. Local businesses call us regularly looking for staff and you will be top of the list.


Making learning English Fun

Five hours of English study can be tedious, so we love playing games in class.


Here are Lucas and Naoko, Jerome and Izumi and Sun and Ai  having fun in Michelle’s option class “Listen and Talk”.

Being blindfolded they’d better listen to the directions given by their class mates!



Lion’s Park Ultimate Frisbee

In our last game of ultimate this month there was plenty of excitement. There has been a lot of training recently and it was easy to see the results of this on the field today as the disc zipped from one end zone to the other.  When we first arrived at the park it was quite quiet which was an opportunity for some to get a little work done while we waited for everyone else to arrive. We were even joined by some wildlife.PicMonkey Collage

We started off with some serious warming up practicing throwing the disc. After this we got down to the game itself. It was end to end stuff with a lot of running involved. It was a great work-out! We had amazing points scored by both teams and there were plenty of catches in the end zones made by fingertips. There was also a lot of great defensive moves. 072065
After the game we stopped to get some water and cool down and people started to head to the beach to make the most of the last of the sun and the sunset and maybe even to have a swim. What an end to a day!081

Lexis Noosa presents… students!

Please say a BIG Lexis welcome to our new students!

Sara Endres from Germany and Viola Mastrogiorgio from Italy!

Deborah Herrmann from Switzerland!

Kana Hirashima from Japan!

Jae Yung Choi from beautiful Korea!






Table Tennis Tournament

Today’s activity was a table tennis tournament. There are always some fantastic players at Lexis and at the moment is no exception. We had 16 of the best table tennis players in Lexis Noosa taking part and there was some stiff competition. Today was also one of the rare overcast days in Noosa so we didn’t even miss any sun!2009-01-28 02.21.38

We started off in the early rounds with some fantastic games already, such was the quality of the players. With players from all over the world, there were many different styles and techniques on display. It’s always great to have such a mix of cultures interacting. We had matches between Colombia and France, Switzerland and Korea and many more.2009-01-28 02.22.11

After fifteen intense and closely contested matches we had a masterclass of a final between Paula, our Colombian professional ultimate Frisbee player and Ragi our Korean table tennis master. It was a great game to watch but Ragi eventually came out on top with his underhand grip winning out against Paula’s more traditional hand hold. Everyone had a great time and it was great to see such an improvement in the quality of table tennis that everyone showed.2009-01-28 02.23.34

After it had finished we had a friendly game of traditional round the table, a great way to get the heart racing!2009-01-28 02.22.36

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SMALL SINGLE (E7) $155/WEEK: available from 9/08 to 6/09/2014

TWIN ENSUITE (A1) $170/WEEK: available from 9/07 to 1/11/2014

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BELFA - Yurina and Bruno Sunlounge Back Garden


WELCOME to Noosa – Father and daughter from Russia


Welcome Alexey and Alisa, our new Lexis Noosa students from Russia. Let’s see how their life in Noosa is so far.

Is it your first time in Noosa?

Alexey: This is my third time here in Australia, but I have never been to Noosa. We chose this beautiful destination because of the Junior Program (TAP). I wanted the best experience for my daughter and where else would we enjoy the sunny and warm winter than in Noosa.

Are you happy with your classes?

Alexey: My interest has always been studying English. Being in General English class is absolutely enjoyable for me. Alisa has English class only in the morning and then the real fun begins by joining into different activities such as surfing, tennis, Noosa tour, kayaking, sand volleyball, hiking, etc.

Where are you staying at?

Alexey: I am renting an apartment with my daughter that is only 5 minutes walk from Lexis. It was very easy to find this beautiful and affordable place. I love that everything is in a walking distance.

Do you recommend Lexis Noosa to anyone who is thinking about studying English?

Alexey: It was absolutely the best choice! We are having the best time here with my daughter and I am sure we will come back in the future.









Welcome to our new Lexis students

PicMonkey Collage1

Lexis Noosa would like to welcome Alexey (Russia), Simona (Switzerland), Ekatarina (Russia), Akiko, Katsuyuki and Saeko (Japan), Alejandro (Spain), Jerome (France) and Julia (Brasil). Let us not forget our great Student Services staff member Lyndal (Left).

Lexis wishes you all the best with your studies.

National park walk

On Monday we went for a walk in the national park. It was a great opportunity for our new students to get to know Noosa with one of the best views around and for some of our other students to get a new perspective of this beautiful place.noosa_inlet

We walked up Viewland Drive, which was fantastic exercise and went to the Lookout. It was an incredible day, as usual, with the sun out in force. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the view stretched on for miles.800px-Noosa_Heads_Main_Beach_03

Next we walked down to main beach and went to first point and sat down to admire the scenery. We thought we might see some dolphins but unfortunately they hadn’t come out to play this time. Nevertheless, it was quite an experience.

Dominika from Slovakia – Life in Noosa


Welcome Dominika, our wonderful Lexis Noosa student from Slovakia. She arrived a week ago and this morning she had a chat with me about her experience so far in Noosa.

What made you choose Noosa for your studies?

Dominika: I prefer small cities and living in a friendly and safe environment. Also, I believe bigger cities have more distractions like many parties and I think this can affect our studies. I came to Australia to improve my English, it is essential in order for me to finish University.

Are you happy with your class so far?

Dominika: I am currently in the Upper Intermediate General English class, which is absolutely perfect to improve my grammar. After 5 weeks I will have one month holiday but then will start my 12 week Academic course.

What accommodation option did you choose?

Dominika: I am very independent so I chose one of the Lexis student houses that I am sharing with some of my classmates. After 3 weeks I will move to a share house with an Australian couple, so I can practice my English even after school.

What do you do after school?

Dominika: There are so many things to do in Noosa. I visited the National Park and it has one of the most amazing views I have ever seen. I also go to the Main Beach and enjoy BBQ parties with my friends from school. I am planning to try surfing and to visit Fraser Island. Compared to Europe, the winter here is unrecognizable with the temperature of 20 degrees and sunshine every day.

Do you recommend Lexis Noosa to anyone who is thinking about studying in Australia?

Dominika: Without a doubt!

Thank you Dominika! We hope you will have an unforgettable experience with us!

Pool tournament

Last week’s pool tournament was a nerve wracking event and now that I’ve got all the pictures I can share every moment with you. We had a very competitive field and everyone was on top of their game so it was a hotly contested event.PicMonkey Collage

The Reef hosted us for all our matches. We started out with sixteen players and over the course of the afternoon we played a total of fifteen games on the Reefs two great quality tables.

The runner up

The runner up

There were some great matches which culminated in an epic clash between Lucas and MJ. It was close with Lucas playing a natural and free game and MJ playing precise and technical shots. Eventually Lucas broke the deadlock and surged into a six ball lead. MJ played some nice defensive shots but it wasn’t enough and Lucas potted his last red perfectly leaving a straight black to the middle pocket. It seemed like and unmissable shot. In a cruel twist of fate however Lucas managed to pot the black in the wrong pocket giving a technical win to MJ against all the odds!

The last shot!

The last shot!

The Winner!

The Winner!

Poker tournament

After another hard days studying we sat down to a seriously fun game of poker. We had a range of players from beginner to expert and for some it was their very first game of poker! After explaining the rules and having a few practice rounds we started playing. We played no limit Texas hold ’em just like the pros.

The players

The players

There is nothing that gets the heart pumping as much as trying to bluff and keep a poker face with a table full of excellent players betting against you. Even though there was no money on the line there were some great prizes on the line including a world cup football with all the flags of the teams in the finals.

The amazing winners!

The amazing winners!

After battling it out over the green table for the best part of two hours, victory finally went to Reiner who had been the chip leader for most of the tournament, with Masha in a close second. We all had great time and we learnt some poker jargon!

Exploring native Australian culture at Lexis Noosa

Our Travel Option students were all very happy to learn about the natural art materials used to create the beautiful Aboriginal paintings and Didgeridoos in the gallery.


(Left: Ilkyung and Dong Hoon performing a duet on the Didgeridoos. Centre: Blazeg Helia and Thi Huyen Hoang admiring Aboriginal paintings. Right: Dong Hoon Lee showing us his expertise on the Didgeridoo).

PicMonkey Collage2

(Top: The ‘Travel Option Class’ learning how to make a Didgeridoo. Bottom left: Our Travel Option students learning about the native Australian art. Bottom right: Levina from the Barlib Aboriginal Arts and Crafts Gallery in Noosa reading a traditional Dream-time story to our Travel Option Class).

PicMonkey Collage3

(Our Travel Option class and Gallery owner Levina showing us various Aboriginal language books).

This class and excursion was organised by our extremely talented and beautiful teacher Michelle Previti. Thank you for this great afternoon.

Welcome Jakub, our Lexis Junior Student from the Czech Republic

PicMonkey CollageJakub, our TAP student is from the Czech Republic. He first came to study at Lexis Noosa last year and after having an unforgettable experience with us, decided to return this year. We are happy to have him back 

I had a chat with him during his break time to get to know more about his daily life in Noosa.

What made you choose Noosa for your study tour?

Jakub: This is my second time here. Last year my education agent recommended Lexis Noosa because of it is unique environment and as one of the best schools for junior programs.

Are you happy with your classes and teachers?

Jakub: I love my teacher, Eileen, she is great. What I enjoy the most in the class is that I can learn from Australian teachers. I can even improve my accent (yesterday an Australian thought I was from Western Australia that me made me feel very proud)

What accommodation option did you choose?

Jakub: I chose the same host family that I stayed last year with and I couldn’t be happier. They are very kind and have a fresh lifestyle and I love their cooking. They also help me improve my English.

What is the best thing about studying in Noosa?

Jakub: Compare to big cities, Noosa has a real Australian environment where you can see the real culture and hear the ‘Aussie’ English.

What helped your English the most?

Jakub: Many things…studying in Lexis with great teachers, my fantastic host family, Noosa community and simply just going around and talking to locals who are very welcoming here.

And finally, what is your message to anyone who is thinking about studying at Lexis English?

Jakub: Simply the best choice!
Thank you Jakub! Great having you back here. We hope you will come back next year too.


Welcome Our New Staff Member- Lyndal

“I am one of the newest staff members here at Lexis Noosa! I love it here & enjoy meeting all of our new students each week. Noosa is definitely one of my favourite places in the world & am proud to call it home. When I am not here at the college I am usually baking something or exercising. I enjoy running, swimming, rumba, yoga & personal training. I am a mummy to three of the cutest children in Australia and am not bias at all. I love being a mum & it is definitely my most challenging but rewarding experience. I enjoy the outdoors & snuggling on the lounge with a good book or a funny movie is my relax time. I like learning which has motivated me to study and work in many different areas including beauty therapy, makeup artistry, office administration, English & Drama Teaching. On the weekends you can usually find having family time at the beach, river or pool. I have travelled to Italy, France, London, Germany & South Sea Islands & I look forward to travelling again in the near future.   Please feel free to pop in & see me if you need help with anything whilst here in Noosa ! Enjoy & study hard”.


Lyndal Saul