Laser Tag

We were all excited jumping on the bus yesterday afternoon, as we headed to the indoor Laser Tag center. When we arrived we gave ourselves code names, watched an introductory video, before placing on our vest, detaching our laser guns and preparing ourselves for battle. It was all for one and one for all, as we entered the arena.

laser tag

Zigzagging around the dark maze we were all in search of the individuals and targets. Each shot gave the individual points with the aim of accumulating as many points as possible for the entire game. Some students found hiding spots in their pursuit to sniper other individuals who walked past. While others were running around trying to shoot and hunt down as many people as possible.


At the end of the challenge the students were able to view their scores so well done to the top three;

1. Crazy Alex Playboy- Alex

2.Rayban- Reiner

3. Rumble- Anj

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