Lexis student exchange with Sunshine Beach St Thomas More school

Upper Intermediate B recently had a visit to a year 6 classroom at St Thomas More School, Sunshine Beach.

Our study unit for the week was Education so it was eye-opening to go inside an Australian school, watch their morning routine and meet the kids.


The children welcomed our students with a happy little song entitled “Welcome To Australia You Might Get Killed”!! The Lexis students had prepared some questions to ask but the St Thomas More kids did not need any prompting to speak and asked lots of questions themselves. Our students were surprised that class began with prayers (being a Catholic school) and that Indonesian is the foreign language taught there. It was a great morning of chatting and laughing and both groups of students enjoyed it enormously and the wonderful year 6 teacher, Libby Ford, even shared her birthday cake with us before we left. The class found it very rewarding to meet and chat with native English speakers in an environment that they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to see. We have been invited back for a game of cricket…now how can we work that into our topic for the week….?

A big thank-you to Mrs Ford and room 26 for a great morning.

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