Lexis students getting ready for the Fifa world cup 2014

All eyes are on the Brasilian world cup – Lexis Noosa students cannot wait until the event starts.

PicMonkey Collage3For this event Lexis Noosa will open its doors exceptionally to the students who wish to watch the games on a large screen TV. Since last week, Lexis Noosa has put up some sign-up sheets in the common room for all the matches the students can watch. Lexis has selected the matches for which the most interest was noted and will broadcast those games LIVE at school.

PicMonkey Collage2The first opening match, Brasil vs. Croatia will be broadcasted at Lexis Noosa on Friday the 13th of June at 6am. If you would like to watch the game with your fellow Lexis mates, feel free to sign up for it on the matching sign-up sheet in the common room. There will also be a big betting game organised for the entire World Cup event. From tomorrow on, you will find a big panel in the common room with all the matches, see Angela to bet, make your prognostics for the matches (Win, Draw or Loss) and you might win a very nice prize at the end of the of the World Cup on Monday the 14th of July. 1st Prize: the entire betting sum (depending on the amount of players), 2nd prize: A trip to Nimbin, 3rd prize: a carton of beer.

PicMonkey Collage1As most of the matches for this world cup are broadcasted quite early in the morning for Australia (2, 5 or 6am for the earliest ones) Lexis is happy to cater for our students and organise a (morning) BBQ for the students who turn up. Eggs and bacon breakfast will be available for early morning games. Perhaps there might be a $2 beer available for the students who show up for the 2am matches. For security reasons, Lexis will only allow Lexis students inside of the school. Also be aware that students will not be allowed to bring in their own alcohol. Be on time, again for security reasons, the doors of the school will be closed during the match and we won’t be able to let anyone in.

May the best team win 🙂

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