Welcome to our new Lexis Noosa students

Lexis Noosa is very happy to welcome students from all over the world.


Welcome to Mami (Japan), Hoonggyu (Korea), Jakub (TAP student from Czech Republic), Deok (Korea), Angela (Activities coordinator/student support), Rumi and Izumi (Japan), Antonin (TAP student from France), Zoe (TAP student from France), Kiyo (TAP Manager), Lea (TAP student from Switzerland) and Louis (TAP student from France).

Lexis wishes you all the best with your studies.

Ultimate Frisbee

This week Lexis Noosa has been playing Ultimate for the first time. When we found out that one of the students was on the Colombian national Ultimate team we knew we had to add the sport to the busy activities schedule. On Monday we headed down to Lion’s Park, our favorite spot in Noosa, and our Colombian Frisbee expert explained the ruled of this fast-paced, simple but highly skilled game. Our first ever match was nail-biting and ended with a score of 9-8 with a point being scored in the last seconds of the game. Everybody had so much fun that we had to organise a second match this week on Wednesday. This time we decided to take a trip to our very own slice of paradise on main beach. There couldn’t have been a better setting for this beautiful sport. Unfortunately, the sand made for a much more tiring playing surface. We all got a good work-out! This match was not nearly so close with our talismanic Colombian  Paula blowing away the opposition with her precision passing. We were also joined by our TAP students who enjoyed a day at the beach even though there were no waves for surfing. It was great for them to be introduced to such a dynamic new sport. All in all, Ultimate has been such a hit that it’s going to be a bi-weekly event.

Nice catch

Nice catch

Paula controls the game

Paula controls the game

Team photo!

Team photo!

Sea Frisbee

Sea Frisbee

2009-01-01 01.52.00

World Cup Game: Japan vs Colombia

The students were up bright and early this morning for the Japan Vs Colombia game. An early goal from Colombia had the Colombian girl supporters excited cheering on their home team.



Before half time Japan scored a great goal bring the score to 1-1. The half time Bacon and Egg rolls filled the fans belly’s ready for the second half.

The Colombians came in strongly second half scoring another 3 goals bringing the final score 4-1! Good luck in the next round Colombia!

10440894_10152510826593442_2898139370506851493_n 10455363_291493227688126_7892202492048700757_n 10456816_291493154354800_4594828140284012980_n

Welcome to our new Lexis Noosa students

This week Lexis Noosa is welcoming 4 new students

PicMonkey Collage2

Here we can see Kiyo, Junior program manager, new students Simon (France), Julie (France), Luisa (Germany), Caroline (Germany) and Angela our Lexis Noosa Activities Coordinator.

Welcome students, Lexis wishes you all the best with your studies.


Watching the World cup @ Lexis Noosa: Japan vs. Greece

Many Lexis Noosa students met early this morning for an exciting soccer match between Japan and Greece.

IMG_6417Here you can see Akane, Nozomi and Shoma enjoying a morning pre-match barbecue organised by the school.

IMG_6431At half-time the score was still 0-0, with Greece one man down in the team, the match will become even more interesting. Enjoy the match students!


Laser Tag

We were all excited jumping on the bus yesterday afternoon, as we headed to the indoor Laser Tag center. When we arrived we gave ourselves code names, watched an introductory video, before placing on our vest, detaching our laser guns and preparing ourselves for battle. It was all for one and one for all, as we entered the arena.

laser tag

Zigzagging around the dark maze we were all in search of the individuals and targets. Each shot gave the individual points with the aim of accumulating as many points as possible for the entire game. Some students found hiding spots in their pursuit to sniper other individuals who walked past. While others were running around trying to shoot and hunt down as many people as possible.


At the end of the challenge the students were able to view their scores so well done to the top three;

1. Crazy Alex Playboy- Alex

2.Rayban- Reiner

3. Rumble- Anj

#LexisNoosa invites you to use the hashtag for your posts

Lexis has officially launched their very own hash-tag campaign.

LexisEnglish_Noosa-Use the #LexisNoosa hash-tag in any picture or message you send out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You will be surprised to see how many people have the same interest as you.

Job Vacancies

Wait Staff
Sunshine Beach QLD
Highly regarded and succesful Sunshine Beach based restaurant called Coconut Grove Bar Bistro regularly visited by locals and interstaters alike. Superb reputation is due to the quality of our food and service.
Available exciting opportunity has now arisen as we are seeking an experienced wait staff to provide excellent FOH service.
Please do not apply if you don’t have at least 2 years experience in a similar restaurant.
The desired candidate will be well presented and well versed in the needs of guests.
This is a casual position, working mainly evenings and occasionally lunch at weekends.

Kitchen hand required noosa heads
Gumtree AU – Noosa Heads QLD
we are looking for a female worker for an Indian restaurant for kitchen hand, who can also work at the front.
All training provided.
Must have knowledge of Indian food.
evening shifts available.
please privide your details or resume.
thank you

Farm Work- Dicky Beach Maroochydore

need strawberry pickers, packers.
2nd visa is provided.
tax job.
7days work a week.
working over 6 hours a day.
whv only

********do not call me********.

*********just send me a text********.

any enquiry, text me.
0400 670 136

New Lexis Noosa CAE students enjoying outdoor classes

Our new CAE students have just arrived this week in Australia.

It might seem hard for some to realise that our Australian winter is as nice as a cool summer day in Europe.

PicMonkey Collage1Here you can see CAE students Isabel (Brasil) and Niklaus (Switzerland) with their Cambridge teacher, Sonia enjoying the beautiful Australian weather while studying.

Meet your classmate!

Meet Lucas who is studying and working in Noosa….

“Hi everyone,
My name is Lucas and I come from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I am studying English at Lexis Noosa for 6 months and I am currently in the pre-intermediate class. I decided to study in  Noosa because my sister lives here and I think it’s a great location to meet local people and have the opportunity to experience Australian culture. I like my teacher and I have made friends with other students from Japan, Korea and Spain, everyone here is happy.

I have a job working at Chilli Brothers, which is a Mexican restaurant. I have enough hours and I work every Wednesday evening and during the weekend. When I finish school I would like to travel but I haven’t made any plans yet. I am just enjoying my time here and the chance to relax and learn English.”

Thanks Lucas 🙂



Healthy Cooking Class: Healthy budget meals for the traveller

With the price of food rising, eating healthily while trying to stick to a budget can be challenging. But with a little planning and some useful tips, buying and preparing delicious healthy food on a budget is not as hard as it may seem.

Today’s workshop educated the students on smart eating tips for healthy eating on a budget and preparing and cooking a delicious healthy meal for under $10.


The recipe for today was Chilli Con Carne.

Chilli con carne

Whats so good about it?

Lean beef and beans are a great source of protein. Whenever the body is growing, repairing or replacing tissue, protein is involved. Veggies such as carrot, capsicum and tomato add antioxidants to help nourish and boost your immune system. Avocado contains the antioxidant vitamin E and it’s also a good mono-unsaturated fat that’s acts as an anti-inflammatory which is perfect after a good training session in the gym.  A touch of chilli can help spike your metabolic rate and stimulate digestion.

Chilli Con Carne



1 onion, finely diced
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1 large grated carrot
2 sticks sliced celery
250 g lean mince (beef, chicken, game meat are all great) 
1 red capsicum, chopped
2 tablespoons tomato paste
400 g tomato puree
400 g cooked red kidney or adzuki beans, drained
125 g cherry tomato, halved
100 g baby spinach leaves
1 avocado, chopped
1 bunch coriander, chopped
1 lime
Chopped red chilli to taste

Sauté onion carrot and celery for 3 minutes until softened.
Add the spices and mince and cook through for 5 minutes until the mince is browned.
Add the capsicum, tomato paste, tomato puree and beans.
Pour over 1-2 cups of water
Simmer over a low – medium heat for 30 minutes until thick.
Season with ground pepper and a little salt add cherry tomato.
Fold in spinach and coriander just before serving.
Spoon into bowls,  top with chilli to taste, avocado and a squeeze of lime and a dollop of sour cream
Enjoy by itself or with a side of steamed green vegetables, brown rice or quinoa.


Meet our newlyweds from Chile ~ Andres and Fernanda!

Andres comes from Chillán and Fernanda from Concepción, in Chile and they are spending their honeymoon at Lexis Noosa – here are their stories….

“Hi my name is Fernanda and I am a Dentist in Chile. I like my profession and also sports, my Husband and I both train for triathlons. The idea to come to Australia started 7 months ago. I want to specialise in Periodontics, so will study a master’s degree here in Australia. The first step for me was to improve my English.”

“Hello I am Andres and I am a Business Engineer. I am very interested in learning English and also experiencing sports in Australia. In Chile I raced dirt bikes and now I am in Australia, I would like to participate in the Sunshine Coast half-marathon. My study goal is to improve my English, so I can also apply for a master’s degree. I would like to study project management.”

“We are currently studying General English at Lexis Noosa for 12 weeks and will finish with 4 weeks in the IELTS preparation course. Our teachers are great and there are a lot of outdoor activities in Noosa and it is an ideal place to train for the triathlon. We found Lexis Noosa after searching for a place where we can study English and also enjoy the lifestyle and where there was a half-marathon event. We were surprised to see the school in Noosa was so big and a lot nicer than other International schools we have studied at in England and Germany. We hope to stay in Australia for a few years and go back to Chile with some nice experiences and knowledge”.

Fernanda and Andres

Tennis Competetion

It was a lovely warm winters day yesterday and a perfect time to play a round of tennis. The students formed into two teams and played a few rounds of tennis. Well done to Manu and Andreas for winning the competition!


Welcome New Students

A big welcome to the new students who have arrived today. I wish you all the best in your studies and I hope you all enjoy your stay here in Noosa. 


Aline (Switzerland), Andres (Chile), Fernanda (Chile), Sofia (Italy), Gloria (Italy), Niklaas (Switzerland), Ting Hsiang (Taiwan), Chihiro (Japan)

Lexis student exchange with Sunshine Beach St Thomas More school

Upper Intermediate B recently had a visit to a year 6 classroom at St Thomas More School, Sunshine Beach.

Our study unit for the week was Education so it was eye-opening to go inside an Australian school, watch their morning routine and meet the kids.


The children welcomed our students with a happy little song entitled “Welcome To Australia You Might Get Killed”!! The Lexis students had prepared some questions to ask but the St Thomas More kids did not need any prompting to speak and asked lots of questions themselves. Our students were surprised that class began with prayers (being a Catholic school) and that Indonesian is the foreign language taught there. It was a great morning of chatting and laughing and both groups of students enjoyed it enormously and the wonderful year 6 teacher, Libby Ford, even shared her birthday cake with us before we left. The class found it very rewarding to meet and chat with native English speakers in an environment that they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to see. We have been invited back for a game of cricket…now how can we work that into our topic for the week….?

A big thank-you to Mrs Ford and room 26 for a great morning.

Curry Cooking Class

Today’s Healthy Eating Workshop was inspired by my travels through Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. The students had a chance to make a Massaman Curry, and what people are saying is the best curry in Noosa!


So whats so good about it?

Curry’s are often full of enzyme rich vegetables that aid the cleansing process. The vegetables have minimal cooking times, so they are still bursting with colour, flavour and nutrients.

In Ayurvedic medicine, ginger and galangal is great for stimulating your circulation and metabolic rate. Ginger improves gastric mobility – When the digestive system is functioning at its best, food is freely moving through the body, which reduces bloating and constipation. In fact, studies have found that ginger regulates peristalsis, the rippling movement of the muscles in the gastrointestinal tract that is needed to push food and waste through the digestive system. Since it actually helps regulate peristalsis, it also helps to tone and strengthen the muscles involved in digestion.

Capsaicin is the substance contained in chillies that can help with weight control.  It suppresses the appetite, raises metabolic rate, stimulates thermogenesis (creation of heat in the body) therefore burning more calories and slowing down spikes in blood sugar. Lemongrass can help improve digestion and stimulate the lymphatic system for improved drainage. Green vegetables are packed with folate for a energy metabolism.

Curry cooking

Massaman Curry



120 grams (4  1/4 oz) of Massaman Curry Paste (see below for recipe)
200 ml coconut Milk
250 ml strained pumpkin seed pumpkin seed milk (you can also use other milks such as almond, rice + soy)
400 ml  vegetable stock
640 g roasted pumpkin  – divided into 2 (see notes)
1 diced onion
40 grams  oven roasted cashew nuts, chopped
600 g of protein, cut into chunks (choose from chicken breast, prawns, organic tofu or tempeh, white fish) or alternatively just add more protein rich vegetables sources such as cooked lentils, green peas and mung bean.

Additional Seasonings:
6 – 8 tablespoons tamarind juice
3 – 4 tablespoons tamari soy sauce  – or to taste
1 – 2 teaspoons honey (optional)
A good grind of black pepper

Puree 320 g  of the roasted pumpkin until smooth.
Fry curry paste with oil to release the flavours, diced onion and stir fry for 2 minutes, add seed milk, vegetable stock, and pumpkin puree.
Simmer for about 10 minutes over a low heat until the mixture combines and starts to develop in flavor and consistency. The pumpkin puree helps to thicken the sauce.
Add half the required amount of additional seasonings and mix through.
Taste the sauce and adjust to your taste – adding more seasoning if necessary.
Add your choice of protein. Cook for 5-6 minutes, then add the coconut cream.

Add the rest of the roasted pumpkin chunks to warm through if needed , making sure to be gentle whilst stirring to avoid breaking up the pumpkin.If your pumpkin is just out of the oven, you will not need to warm it, so just arrange into the bowls before serving.
Serve in bowls and divide the roasted pumpkin between the bowls.
Top with roasted cashew nuts and garnish with fresh garden herbs such as thai basil, spring onion or coriander.
Serve with a light drizzle of coconut cream.

Roasted sweet potato can be used in place of pumpkin.
For best results it’s important to use the correct Massaman Curry Paste which is the recipe below.

Massaman Curry Paste Recipe from Kamalaya

20 g red dry chili, seeds removed (7 – 8 pieces)
20 g Garlic (6 cloves)
50 g (1 Shallot)
10 g  – 1 stalk, white part only, lemongrass
10 g – 2 teaspoons, cardamom
25 ml – 2 tablespoons, cold pressed coconut, olive or macadamia nut oil
1 g – 2 pieces cloves pods

Chop the chili, garlic, shallot and lemongrass.
Smash the cardamom pods and cloves.
Combine all the ingredients into a good high speed blender like a Vitamix or alternatively smash together in a mortar and pestle until mixed through.
Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.
This makes enough paste to serve 4 people.






Lexis students getting ready for the Fifa world cup 2014

All eyes are on the Brasilian world cup – Lexis Noosa students cannot wait until the event starts.

PicMonkey Collage3For this event Lexis Noosa will open its doors exceptionally to the students who wish to watch the games on a large screen TV. Since last week, Lexis Noosa has put up some sign-up sheets in the common room for all the matches the students can watch. Lexis has selected the matches for which the most interest was noted and will broadcast those games LIVE at school.

PicMonkey Collage2The first opening match, Brasil vs. Croatia will be broadcasted at Lexis Noosa on Friday the 13th of June at 6am. If you would like to watch the game with your fellow Lexis mates, feel free to sign up for it on the matching sign-up sheet in the common room. There will also be a big betting game organised for the entire World Cup event. From tomorrow on, you will find a big panel in the common room with all the matches, see Angela to bet, make your prognostics for the matches (Win, Draw or Loss) and you might win a very nice prize at the end of the of the World Cup on Monday the 14th of July. 1st Prize: the entire betting sum (depending on the amount of players), 2nd prize: A trip to Nimbin, 3rd prize: a carton of beer.

PicMonkey Collage1As most of the matches for this world cup are broadcasted quite early in the morning for Australia (2, 5 or 6am for the earliest ones) Lexis is happy to cater for our students and organise a (morning) BBQ for the students who turn up. Eggs and bacon breakfast will be available for early morning games. Perhaps there might be a $2 beer available for the students who show up for the 2am matches. For security reasons, Lexis will only allow Lexis students inside of the school. Also be aware that students will not be allowed to bring in their own alcohol. Be on time, again for security reasons, the doors of the school will be closed during the match and we won’t be able to let anyone in.

May the best team win 🙂

Mt Coolum Hike

Mount Coolum is an isolated volcanic dome, 208 meters in height, roughly circular in outline, covering a plan area of approximately 1 square kilometer. It boasts one of the most spectacular views over the Sunshine Coast Region. The hike up the Mountain is quite steep, but these students completed the walk to the top in under 30 minutes.

Mt coolum climb

From the top they enjoyed these breathe taking views, with the sun shinning, understanding why they call this place the Sunshine Coast 🙂

Sunshine cCoast


Mt Coolum

Farewell Freya

Farewell to our lovely Teacher Freya! Today is her last day at Lexis Noosa, and by the looks of it, she will be missed by all including teachers, students and staff! She was surprised with a huge card, cake and a whole lot of students!

Farewell Freya, we all wish you the best of luck with the rest of your travels and your trip back home to the UK!freya

A nail biting match!!!

The two rivalries teams (Noosa Vs Maroochydore) came together for their monthly soccer match yesterday, and both teams had a fierce look in their eyes. Within the first 10 minutes, the Noosa team were trying to find their feet while the Maroochydore team ran loops around them placing 3 goals into the back of the net.

Noosa finally woke up coming back scoring two some goals before half time.


After the half time breather and some vitamin C intake, the Noosa Team charged on field scoring another goal making the scores even. 


The match was neck and neck with both teams holding even possession. With 5 minutes to go, Maroochydore took possession of the ball using their star player, Ricardo, to beat three defenders and score a brilliant goal to bring the score 4-3. Noosa had not yet given up, nicely playing each pass, bring the ball forward in to Maroochydore defense. With less than 30 seconds on the clock, Manu used ‘his mind’ to play the ball nicely to Felipe’s foot, where Felipe beat off two defenders knocking the ball at the back of the net, bring the final score to a draw, 4-4! Well done to both team, a nail biting match!

IMG_6263 IMG_6264 IMG_6246 IMG_6254 IMG_6265Noosa team

Jobs in Noosa

Sunglass Hut – Casual – Noosa Heads-SUN02009


Come and Play with the world’s premier retailer of the sexiest sunglasses – Sunglass Hut!

Our Sunglass Hut Store in Noosa Heads is looking for their next savvy recruit to give our customers that VIP experience!

Under the Luxottica family Sunglass Hut shares its global market presence with OPSM, and Laubman & Pank in Australia. This could be the start of a very cool career! 
As a Retail Associate you will radiate the Sunglass Hut energy and passion for brands like Chanel, Prada, Bvlgari, Ray Ban, Oakley and so many more.

You will be easy to chat to; not afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone about the latest and greatest pair you know our customers would die for.

You’ll bring your previous customer service experience, hunger to achieve and exceed targets and be available to work Friday – Monday 10-15 hours a week with further flexibility during the week.

Learn from and work with the best, as your store managers showcase to you the Sunglass Hut brand of service that is renowned for making our customers feel number one.

So, what’s in it for you?

·         Competitive hourly rate + a fantastic bonus structure + Discounts

·         Product allowance to spend across any of our brands

·         Career progression opportunities into permanent positions + leadership roles

·         Fun and inspiring team and culture!


If you think YOU are what our customers want, apply now and Come and Play with Sunglass Hut.


Spanish Barman with very good tapas making ability. 
Commence in 4-5 weeks. 

This is an advertisement for a spanish or portugues born person. We want the applicant to have the style. This cannot be learned in less than 10 years. 

I want the barman to make the tapas just like home, a commercial kitchen and chefs are available to assist. The serve cocktails, mix drinks, pour beer and and serve the tapas from the bartop tapas display fridge. 

Full time will be available for the right applicant after a 3 month trial period. 

Please no time wasters, Natural born spanish need only apply. 

Fun, affordable working environment.

Apply at: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/noosa-heads/bar-staff/spanish-barman-required-with-tapas-knowledge-5-6-nights-a-week/1047955050

French sin in noosa is seeking an experience Barista waiter/waitress with a minimum of 2 years experience in a busy and fast pace restaurant 
the succesfull canditate will possess 
– Barista skills 
– Excellent presentation and good communication skills. 
– Reliability and attention to detail 
– A true passion for hospitality 
– Must be able to work under pressure and unsupervised. 
In return we offer 
– Great work environment 
– No split shift 
– 35 hours minimum per week 

please provide a photo with your application. Only short listed candidate will be contacted for an interview 
Send your resume to frenchsin@westnet.com.au


This is a new activity to the list that was requested by one of the students. The great thing with activities is that Anj, the activities coordinator loves to hear the students ideas of the different activities she can run monthly. And badminton was a great one!


The students had four badminton courts set up and enjoyed playing friendly matches against different oppositions.



A great activity, one we will surely do again in the future.





Yoga For Surfers

Yoga for surfers is a modern, dynamic and challenging style of yoga that targets certain parts of the body that could be operating more effectively to assists us in surfing. We started the session off with some Sama Vritti (equal breathing) to help with building lung capacity.The students practiced their head-stance and sun salutations to help with building and increasing core strength and energy levels and tree pose to help with balance 🙂

10368962_283605531810229_3961122440979755527_o 10405649_283605498476899_6380076653263860613_n 10410858_283605515143564_1507685811042529617_n

Welcome New Students


Welcome New Students

A big welcome to the new students who have arrived today. I hope you all enjoy your stay here in beautiful Noosa!!

Yuna (Japan), Morine (France), Jasmin (Switzerland), Sarah (Switzerland), Robin (Switzerland), Luca (Switzerland), Lee (South Korea), Park (Southy Korea), Maurico (Bolivia)

Graduation for Lexis Noosa Pre-Intermediate students



Lexis Pre-intermediate classes and teachers say Good bye to leaving students. Ai is on her way to Sydney after graduating, fare-welled by Risa.

Michael will explore New Zealand after having a wonderful time at Lexis Noosa and enjoying his language course. Best of luck to all of you. You will be missed!

Lexis English Cambridge Exams

Our Lexis students from Noosa and Maroochydore came together for their CAE exams in Noosa.


Michaela, Sarah, Miriam and Laura before and after their CAE Speaking Exams, held at Lexis Noosa on Friday.

Well done everyone!

The final exams for all our Cambridge candidates are coming up soon. Stay tuned.