Welcome to our new Lexis Noosa students

Lexis Noosa is very happy to welcome students from all over the world.


Welcome to Mami (Japan), Hoonggyu (Korea), Jakub (TAP student from Czech Republic), Deok (Korea), Angela (Activities coordinator/student support), Rumi and Izumi (Japan), Antonin (TAP student from France), Zoe (TAP student from France), Kiyo (TAP Manager), Lea (TAP student from Switzerland) and Louis (TAP student from France).

Lexis wishes you all the best with your studies.

Ultimate Frisbee

This week Lexis Noosa has been playing Ultimate for the first time. When we found out that one of the students was on the Colombian national Ultimate team we knew we had to add the sport to the busy activities schedule. On Monday we headed down to Lion’s Park, our favorite spot in Noosa, and our Colombian Frisbee expert explained the ruled of this fast-paced, simple but highly skilled game. Our first ever match was nail-biting and ended with a score of 9-8 with a point being scored in the last seconds of the game. Everybody had so much fun that we had to organise a second match this week on Wednesday. This time we decided to take a trip to our very own slice of paradise on main beach. There couldn’t have been a better setting for this beautiful sport. Unfortunately, the sand made for a much more tiring playing surface. We all got a good work-out! This match was not nearly so close with our talismanic Colombian  Paula blowing away the opposition with her precision passing. We were also joined by our TAP students who enjoyed a day at the beach even though there were no waves for surfing. It was great for them to be introduced to such a dynamic new sport. All in all, Ultimate has been such a hit that it’s going to be a bi-weekly event.

Nice catch

Nice catch

Paula controls the game

Paula controls the game

Team photo!

Team photo!

Sea Frisbee

Sea Frisbee

2009-01-01 01.52.00

World Cup Game: Japan vs Colombia

The students were up bright and early this morning for the Japan Vs Colombia game. An early goal from Colombia had the Colombian girl supporters excited cheering on their home team.



Before half time Japan scored a great goal bring the score to 1-1. The half time Bacon and Egg rolls filled the fans belly’s ready for the second half.

The Colombians came in strongly second half scoring another 3 goals bringing the final score 4-1! Good luck in the next round Colombia!

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Welcome to our new Lexis Noosa students

This week Lexis Noosa is welcoming 4 new students

PicMonkey Collage2

Here we can see Kiyo, Junior program manager, new students Simon (France), Julie (France), Luisa (Germany), Caroline (Germany) and Angela our Lexis Noosa Activities Coordinator.

Welcome students, Lexis wishes you all the best with your studies.


Watching the World cup @ Lexis Noosa: Japan vs. Greece

Many Lexis Noosa students met early this morning for an exciting soccer match between Japan and Greece.

IMG_6417Here you can see Akane, Nozomi and Shoma enjoying a morning pre-match barbecue organised by the school.

IMG_6431At half-time the score was still 0-0, with Greece one man down in the team, the match will become even more interesting. Enjoy the match students!


Laser Tag

We were all excited jumping on the bus yesterday afternoon, as we headed to the indoor Laser Tag center. When we arrived we gave ourselves code names, watched an introductory video, before placing on our vest, detaching our laser guns and preparing ourselves for battle. It was all for one and one for all, as we entered the arena.

laser tag

Zigzagging around the dark maze we were all in search of the individuals and targets. Each shot gave the individual points with the aim of accumulating as many points as possible for the entire game. Some students found hiding spots in their pursuit to sniper other individuals who walked past. While others were running around trying to shoot and hunt down as many people as possible.


At the end of the challenge the students were able to view their scores so well done to the top three;

1. Crazy Alex Playboy- Alex

2.Rayban- Reiner

3. Rumble- Anj

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