Cambridge First Writing Task

Our FCE students did an activity in class to practice working on more vivid descriptions in order to bring their writing to life. Here are some changes that were made to some rather basic and non-descriptive sentences.

  • After dinner and drinks she walked home. Following an incredibly delicious meal and a few too many alcoholic beverages, the young girl staggered home.
  • Lexis English is a good school. Lexis English is an absolutely amazing school, located in a lovely, small, coastal town called Noosa.
  • He met a nice girl on Saturday. The extremely shy, young student met one of the loveliest girls he has ever met on Saturday evening.
  • On the weekend we relaxed at the beach. On the long Easter weekend, we spent time chilling out with friends at Noosa’s gorgeous Main Beach.
  • She’s good-looking and intelligent.  She’s not only absolutely stunning, but she’s also incredibly intelligent.
  • My teacher bought a new car.  My favourite teacher bought a brand new, red sports car.
  • I cooked dinner last night. I cooked a tasty, full, three-course Italian meal as a romantic surprise for my girlfriend last night.
  • I studied hard but I didn’t pass the exam. I studied extremely hard for the exam but unfortunately the grammar was way too difficult for me, so I failed.
  • The playground was full of children.  Although the playground was old and filthy, it was packed with noisy young children.
  • We are enjoying the FCE course.  Despite the rather challenging grammar, we are enjoying every second of our time in the FCE course.

Thanks everyone, great work and I am sure that other students will benefit from this blog.

FCE with Kirsten

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