Read! Read! Read!

Everyone knows that reading helps build your vocabulary and word power.

Great news! Not only have we got a wide range of books in our school library (room 5) but our new ESL readers with audio CD have arrived. These books from Cambridge University Press are specially designed for English language learners and are in a range of levels from A1 (starters) to C1 advanced.

For readers without a CD, students can access a recording of the book at

IMG_2516Reading a book instead of a computer screen also stimulates eye muscles. Reading will help you understand new words and phrases that you hear in everyday conversations. If you can listen to the text as you read, it will help your listening comprehension and your pronunciation. Double benefit!


So come to GIL (room 6 everyday) and borrow a reader with a CD Rom. If you read a book for a minimum of half an hour per day, I guarantee that your English will improve.

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