Let’s Go Surfing!!!

Surfing has always been my favourite activity to run in the afternoon and yesterday was no exception. Even though the condition weren’t ideal with a strong ENE wind causing the waves to be quite choppy, there was still a good amount of swell around to get the students catching some waves. We started on the sand with a safety talk and then moved in to the practical sand lesson on surfing i.e; where to lie on the board, how to paddle, and how to stand on the surfboard.


The students hit the water and most of them were able to paddle themselves out the back and over the breaks. Catching the waves was a little harder with a lot of nose diving and face planting the water which we call ‘looking for lobsters’ as a surfers term. It was great to get everyone involved with learning how to surf and being able to have a surf myself. I think this needs to be a weekly activity…..!!!!


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