Do you remember when………..

Lovely Beatrice Voegeli returned today. Bee, as her teacher called her, had fun reminiscing with me about her time in the Cambridge First class back in September 2010.

“Do you remember“, she said. “It was our teacher David’s birthday and we organised a trick with you to play on him. We all hid and David couldn’t understand why there were no students in his class. Then you told him that they had complained about his teaching and were not coming any more. He was so upset….and then we surprised him with cake and balloons. It was so funny“.

Bee told me that her former classmates catch up every year and have a “Lexis English” party in Switzerland. She is back staying with her former host family who have visited her in Switzerland and remain close friends.

Thank you for coming back Bee and thanks for the delicious Swiss chocolate you brought me. 🙂Beccy with swiss student and chocolate

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