The CAE students tell a story



CAE students were asked to work in small groups of 3 and write a detective story.  This story had to include words such as squeeze, punch, grab, itch and clutch.  Things got a little animated and eventually some funny and quite frightening stories were produced.

Below are 3 examples:

Story 1 by Fabienne Harlacher, Miriam Estermann and Luca Voirol

He grabbed the knife from the table and crept upstairs.  The floor ground was very slippery and a bad burnt smell was all around.  Coming out of the bathroom, the door was ajar.  He grasped his knife and pushed the door wide open.  But, the bathroom was empty.  He turned around and left the bathroom.  Suddenly, he heard some people talking from the opposite bedroom.  At this moment a man jumped out of the room and Detective Fairley punched him out of reflex into the face.  It appeared that the punched man was the owner, having a wonderful candle lit dinner with his wife on the balcony. 

Story 2 by Larissa Janka, Viola Poltera and Christina Pechous

… and then he grabbed his gun and sneaked into the kitchen.  Suddenly, he walked into an old woman holding a frying pan.  With her whole force and she punched him and he fell down.  He was unconscious.  She fell down on her knees and at this moment he woke up again.  Then once again they could feel the vibrations.  He clutched his gun.  She felt an itch on her foot and wanted to scratch it, but Detective Fairley told her to be quiet and listen to the strange sound.  They turned around and then they saw a hole in the wall and millions of rats coming out of this hole.

Story 3 by Andrina Zumbuhl, Felix Borck and Fabio Keller

… Scream, rawrawrawrawrawraw … Detective Fairley was terrified.  He wondered where this noise came from.  He could tell for sure, that it came from upstairs.  He grabbed his wet umbrella and clutched it to his chest.  Like this, Detective Fairley, sneaked up, step by step, always aware of any suspicious movements.  As he arrived on the upper floor, he slipped on the wet wooden floor and hit his head on the handrail.  Confused, Detective Fairley looked at his hands and he realised that red liquid was dripping down from his hands.  Shocked, the Detective screamed, “Oh my God, it’s blood!”  He opened the door where the blood seemed to be coming from.  Entering the room, he saw a pale-faced baby sitting on the couch.  Detective Fairley felt a shudder run down his neck.  He squeezed his umbrella so tightly that his knuckles went white.  The horrible rawrawrawrawrawraw sound started again and the baby killed the frightened Detective with the saw.


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