Guided Individual Learning – All about the individual



I don’t often write a blog first thing on a Monday morning, but I really want to share this with you.

Teacher Freya has gone on a holiday for one week, (north to the Whitsunday Islands but that is another story).  She stayed late on Friday still working when I left, and this morning I found these (along with the teaching plan)  on her desk for the relief teacher:

IMG_2463There is an individual self study suggestion for every one of her students for this week.

This is why we call it individual guided learning or GIL for short. Teachers guide their students on what they need to catch up or improve or extend and give them a green GIL slip to take to the self study room teacher at 2pm.

Everyone in the class gets set homework every day but GIL is the personal touch between a teacher and student. It shows that the student is being assessed and helped to achieve their own goals rather than the class the curriculum.

Thank you Freya for that extra effort you always put in. 🙂 Becky


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