Our Caledonian students loving Lexis Noosa

It is always nice to see how our students settle in at Lexis. We recently welcomed two students from New Caledonia, siblings Audrey and Vincent. They are happy to share their experience with us:

Audrey, Cambridge Advanced English class with teacher Sonia

“The class is great, the teacher and all the students are really nice and welcoming. The atmosphere is good, we laugh and talk during the class. It’s nice that in every beginning of class we split in small groups and chat about particular subjects. The host family is really nice too, the children are nice, they like to talk to us and ask questions about our culture and hometown. They also give us information about what there is to do and the places to go to have fun. It really feels like home!” 

Vincent, Pre-Intermediate class with teacher Annette

“The class is nice, the students are very nice too. In the class we laugh and learn English at the same time which makes it fun. The family is very cool and funny. The food is great too!”

2014-04-10 12.32.30

Thank you very much for sharing your Lexis experience with us, all the best with your studies at Lexis!

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