Body Surfing

As the new students arrived last week, it is important to introduce them to the Aussie Surf Culture. We headed down to Main Beach where students were given an overview of surf safety by the local lifeguard before they were instructed by activities teacher, Anj, on how to body surf.



The students were then able to jump into the water, between the flags, and head out to the outer bank were they practiced a skill they can use ever time they’re in the ocean- body surfing!


This was a great activity to introduce the students to the Aussie oceans and how unpredictable they can be. With a flash rip forming out the back with incoming tide, gave the students first hand experience on how quickly the ocean can change. Luckily, they were in between the flags, and the lifeguards identified the situation and were able to instruct them on how to get out of the rip and back on to the sandbank. A valuable lesson learnt and a reminder to all when swimming in Australia’s oceans- to always swim between the flags

🙂 🙂



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