The Dating Game

What better way to set some students up on a date then hosting a blinded dating show at Lexis. The students gathered around for what was our first ever live dating show hosted by Anj.


The live dating show allowed a contestant to determine their “perfect match” by asking questions to three potential suitors of the opposite sex hidden behind a pink blanket. Each contestant could choose 4 questions from the sheet provided. The end result is the contestant chooses their favourite girl/guy before revealing themselves to one another. The choosen person had the option to ‘go on the date’ or ‘reject the date’, losing their breakfast for two at Shades. The three rounds featured either a male asking questions of three unseen females, or a female asking questions of three male contestants.



Congratulations to the contestants, they all received a date!!

Nat -> Nina

Terek -> Melanie

Pat -> Ursina


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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