Masquerade Party

Last night was our annual Masquerade Party held at Shades Wine Bar. We had teacher Jamie and Anj giving out the champagne and raffle tickets for the lucky door prize on arrival.



The masks the students made looked fantastic, while some came up with other creative ideas (i.e. Ninja Turtles).


When most of the students had arrived we started our speed dating game. 36 individuals were interested in finding a connection with somebody, whether friendship or love.



The game rules were simple; the guys had one minute to make a lasting impression to the girl, while the girl moved to a new date every minute. At the end of the speed dating the girls had to choose their favourite boy. If more than one girl chooses the same boy, the choice then became the boys to choose his favourite girl. For the lucky boys; Nat, Remo, and Phillip, who had more than one girl who had chosen them, they had the option to reject one of the two or three girls and choose their favourite. Nat was the only one not to reject any of the three girls and decided to take them all to the dance floor.


The couples then made their way to the dance floor where they were able to have a first dance, while Judges Jamie, Anj and Miriam watched on to determine the most compatible couple. Well done to Jorge and Akane for winning the best couple on the night, even as just friends they were the couple who were having the most fun together and have won a sunset cruise on Noosa River courtesy of the lovely ladies at Student Uni Travel!


Well done to the following winners;

Best Male Mask- Ludo

Runner up- Elio

Best Female Mask- Melanie

Runner up- Nina

Mask winners received a bottle of red wine and Swiss chocolates



Lucky Door Prize- Corine received a breakfast for 2 at Shades. 


Happy Valentine’s to all, I hope you all enjoyed your Masquerade Party!!!

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