Raw Food Workshop

Today’s Raw food workshop was presented by qualified Nutritionist, Anj.

This class introduced the students to Raw Food, and as well as being delicious to the eye and palate, the food is easy to prepare. Raw food is brimming with sunshine, nutrition and hydration, bringing you radiance and good health. It is a vegan diet and is excellent for people with food intolerance as the common culprits of wheat, dairy and refined sugar are naturally absent from the recipes.


The first recipe used was Raw Chocolate Cupcakes inspired by ‘The Health Chef’ website. These cup cakes base was made by walnuts, dates, cacao and vanilla extract. The icing was made with avocado, honey, cacao and vanilla essence and were decorated with a goji berry on top. This recipe was delicious, all the students and some staff member that had a chance to taste and all gave it the thumbs up. 


The hummus dip was one of my recipes that i have changed and altered over time to  come up with a perfect combination of ingredients. The students enjoyed this with some fresh chopped carrots and celery. 

The final recipe was my famous Green Smoothie, that i love to make after one of my Yoga session that provides me with a concentrated source of nutrients that the body easily absorbs. The great thing about a Green Smoothie is you can alter the recipe and add in your favourite greens and fruits or alter the ingredients depending on whats in season. This was another hit in the raw foods workshop. 


The best part about these classes is that it brings people together. At the end of the workshop the students are able to sit down, enjoy their delicious food they have created and practice their English 🙂


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