Body Surfing and Body Boarding

The conditions were favourable down at Noosa on Wednesday with a nice easterly swell and southerly winds. The students were split up into two groups; one group was taken in between the flags and learnt how to body surf, while the other was taken by Lox (Billabong Pro Surfer) and learnt how to body board. After half an hour the groups swapped and try the other activity. A big thank you to Lox for giving us his time teaching the students, it seem like everybody had a great afternoon!



Monday Afternoon Beach Soccer

What a great day for a game of beach soccer 🙂


Perfect conditions down a Noosa Main Beach for this round robin knock out competition. Four teams of five were formed were each group played to their best potential to knock out the other team in a 15 minute game. 


In the end it was Jamie’s Team who played their best game of soccer, winning the competition!


Cambridge Speaking Exam Practice

To do well in the Cambridge speaking exam you need to have the vocabulary to talk on a wide range of topics, clear pronunciation and a good understanding of the exam time constraints whilst working with a partner. 



Part 1:  3 minutes. A conversation between the examiner and each candidate focusing on social language

Part 2:  1 minute for each candidate comparing and describing and expressing opinions.


Part 3:   3 minutes. A two-way conversation between the candidates. Exchanging ideas, justifying opinions  and negotiating.

Part 4:   4 minutes. A discussion on topics related to the previous task.

To do well you need to feel relaxed, confident and able to ‘show off’ your excellent English skills in the time allowed.

Of course practice makes perfect and what better way to practice then in a sun filled tropical courtyard.  Thank you to the Cambridge First classes for letting me take this lovely photo of you this week.

Welcome NEW Students!!

A big welcome to the new the students who arrived in Noosa today! Good luck with your studies and  I hope you all enjoy your time here 🙂 🙂



From left to right;

Back Row: Bo Gyeong (Korea), Naoki (Japan), Manu (Spain), Daniela (Switzerland), Gina (Switzerland), Pyenog Min (Korea), Javiera (Chile), Jin Ho (Korea)

Front Row: Risako (Japan), Miiku (Japan), Akemi (Japan), Nina (Switzerland), Chiho (Japn), Hiseh Hsin (Taiwan) 


Minute to Win It

Today’s ‘Minute to Win it’ activity is based on the premise that contestants have to accomplish different tasks within 60 seconds to win. The challenges range from keeping three balloons off the ground for 60 seconds to bouncing ping pongs into a cup. 

Well done to the following winners who could complete the activity in 60 seconds;

Ping Pong in a Cup

Felipe and Lox


Face the Cookie



Define Gravity



Breakfast Scrabble



Thank you for all who took part, and a special shout out to Felipe- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!!!


Lexis Noosa News – Pre Intermediate Style

Teachers Arlene and Freya joined their pre intermediate level classes this morning to showcase ‘Lexis Noosa News’.

Pic 2The purpose of these lessons is to take students beyond basic writing and speaking of English to coherent, self-expressive presentation. These activities also aim to provide an active learning environment and to promote independent studies. It was also a chance to work with new classmates and new nationalities.

Pic 1

Having studied the language for news and current affairs, the students worked in small groups to prepare a typical evening news team with reports, interviews and breaking news.


Pic 3Well done everyone, the presentations were really entertaining and we all enjoyed watching you.




Meet our new Homestay staff member- SAM :)

Sam has recently moved up from Sydney and joined the Homestay ladies here at  Noosa.  Sam’s role at the college is to assist students in finding suitable accommodation while studying here at Lexis. With her bubbly personality, I believe Sam will make a great addition to our team 🙂


“I recently moved to sunny Noosa after managing a lively fun backpackers in Sydney, Kings Cross for 3 years. I have travelled the East Coast & Great Ocean Road in a camper van, and visited Ayers rock, which was stunning.

I happily studied Graphic Design at University in the UK where I was born and raised, and was lucky enough to work on a cruise ship as a photographer that travelled the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and South America for 6 months.

I’m a qualified swimming instructor for young people, and am currently interested in learning sign language”

Noosa Lexis Workshop – Your pathway to a good job in Noosa

Are you looking for work? If so, don’t miss our new look Lexis Workshop.


Student Services Coordinator Anj, has made it her personal mission to find employment for every student looking for work. With Microsoft word and printing capabilities, the Cambridge Computer Suite is ideal, as you will be able to compose your resume and print your resume as well as access government online services to get a Tax File Number and an Australian Business Number.

Not only will Anj help you write the perfect resume and guide you through the correct websites, she will help you with the English you need for finding jobs in the newspapers and online, applying for jobs by telephone or email and going for an interview.

Check out our student notice board for information on the weekly Lexis Workshop and sign up today. Happy job hunting everyone. 🙂







Beach Volleyball @ Main Beach

Another great day yesterday here in Noosa! A large group of students gathered down at Main Beach for a friendly competition of Beach Volleyball. Although the unseasonable NE winds were up, we were still able to have a lovely game of Volleyball. Five teams of five entered the knock out round robin competition. Students were grouped in their nations and included; a boy and girl Swiss team, The Japanese, The Spaniards and The South Pacific’s.


The first round was the Spaniards VS the ‘The Japanese’ with a tough battle and some strong competitors the Spaniards took out the out the round, knocking the Japanese out of the competition. In round two, the Swiss teamed up against one another, boys VS girls. Another close match between the two teams, but the boys came out in front knocking the Swiss girls out of the competition. In round three, the South Pacific’s were up against the Spaniards. It was an extremely close match but the Spaniards took out the win 15-11 meeting the Swiss in the finals. In the finals, the Spaniards once again ruled the field with some great spikes, excellent team work, and won the Noosa Lexis Beach Volleyball Championships for February.


The Swiss boys meet the South Pacific’s in a playoff for second place, where the South Pacific’s dominated and claiming second place in the Volleyball Championships.


Don’t miss our next Beach Volleyball match next month and have the chance to beat our current Lexis Noosa winners, “the Spaniards”!


Using Music in the Classroom!

Teacher Nathaniel’s music option has become a popular class at Lexis Noosa….

There is strong evidence supporting the use of music in the English Language teaching classroom.  Music can change the atmosphere in the room within seconds. It is linked to brain processing by pitch, rhythm and by symmetrical phrasing. Songs provide a valuable source of authentic language. Songs sung in English are listened to around the world and students can often feel real progress in their level of English when they can begin to sing along to the chorus or even just to be able to separate what at first seemed to be a constant stream of words!

In the music option, students are given a number of different tasks to access and learn the new vocabulary such as:

  • Classic gap-fill: Every language student at some point has been given a song to listen to and the lyrics with gaps in for them to fill in as they listen. This activity is not as simple as it sounds and before making one yourself think about why you’re taking out certain words. It may be better to take out all the words in one group, such as prepositions or verbs, and tell students what they should be listening out for. Another option is to take out rhyming words. Don’t be tempted to take out too many words, eight or ten is normally enough. To make the task easier you could provide the missing words in a box at the side for the students to select, or you could number the gaps and provide clues for each number.
  • Spot the mistakes: Change some of the words in the lyrics and as students listen they have to spot and correct the mistakes. As with the gap-fill limit the mistakes to a maximum of eight or ten and if possible choose a word set. You could make all the adjectives opposites for example. Another example of this for higher levels is to show the students the real lyrics and you correct the English and make it proper! E.g. ‘gonna’ change to ‘going to’ ‘we was’ change to ‘we were’ etc. This is a good way to focus on song language.
  • Order the verses: With low levels this is a very simple activity. Chop up the lyrics of the song by verse and give a small group of students the jumbled verses. As they listen they put them in order.
  • Discussion: Certain songs lend themselves to discussions and you can use the song as a nice lead in to the topic and a way to pre-teach some of the vocabulary
  • Write the next verse: Higher levels can write a new verse to add to a song. Focus on the patterns and rhyme of the song as a group and then let students be creative. If they are successful, the new verses can be sung over the top of the original! Norah Jones’ Sunrise was a good one for this.


Get to know our Activities Coordinator ~ Angela!

Angela is our activities coordinator at Lexis Noosa. In addition to organising sport events, students nights and all the fun stuff that helps our students let their hair down after classes; Angela has extensive knowledge in health and well being, which she has integrated into her activity programs at the school.

“I grew up in the NSW south coast, studied Nutrition and worked as a consultant nutritionist for 7 years. I have furthered my training by becoming a yoga instructor in 2012. In 2013, I completed a masters degree in health promotion. My role at Lexis encompasses my passion for healthy living. My skills as a yoga teacher and in nutrition and promotion are utilised in the services and activities I provide for the students. We now offer yoga classes every Tuesday morning and I will begin ‘Teaching Nutrition Kitchen’ on Tuesday afternoons. This class will start from March and educates individuals on nutrition and cooking healthy foods. I have grown up on the beach and surfing is my passion. I moved to the sunshine coast for the surf and for the lifestyle. I have travelled extensively for surf travel and have experienced cultures from a diverse range of backgrounds. Drawing on these skills and experiences allows me to provide exciting and safe activities in the beautiful beaches and surrounding areas that Noosa has to offer.”

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FREE BBQ in the courtyard tomorrow

FREE BBQ tomorrow at school in the courtyard at 12:15pm presented by Topdeck Travel! They will be giving out raffle tickets for a FREE trip (see details below) and other free goodies!

3 Days, Melbourne to Adelaide, or reverse
Fun short tour including the Great Ocean Road

Itineraries on some departure dates may differ, please select.

Visiting 1 country: Australia

Topdeck’s 3 day Southern Cross tour between Melbourne and Adelaide includes a drive on the world-famous Great Ocean Road, home to the incredible Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and more natural wonders. But that’s not all… visit Grampians National Park, hike to MacKenzie Falls and even paint your own boomerang at Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre! You’ll love this fun, short Topdeck tour between Melbourne and Adelaide.

See you all there!!

Our new table tennis champion…Ludo!!

There were over 20 competitors in today’s table tennis competition at the college, and a little help from Bob Marley to boost the atmosphere. It was great to see everybody getting involved and cheering on each participant. 


Well done to all players and a special mention to our two runners up; Alex and Jamie for their solid performance. In the finals, Ludo proved himself as the stronger competitor knocking Nat out with an 11-4 win and has been awarded the crown of our new Lexis Noosa Table Tennis Champion! Well done Ludo!!


Welcome NEW Students

A big welcome to our new students who have arrived today!  Good luck in your studies and enjoy your time here in Noosa 🙂 🙂


From left to right;

Back Row: Isabel (Brazil), Lox (Indonesia), Morgane (Belgium ), Chris (Germany), Pablo (Spain), Femke (Germany), Tomohiro (Japan), Hirotaka (Japan)

Front Row: Tina (Switzerland), Andrina (Switzerland), Hoji (Korea), Felipe (Brazil)  



The Dating Game

What better way to set some students up on a date then hosting a blinded dating show at Lexis. The students gathered around for what was our first ever live dating show hosted by Anj.


The live dating show allowed a contestant to determine their “perfect match” by asking questions to three potential suitors of the opposite sex hidden behind a pink blanket. Each contestant could choose 4 questions from the sheet provided. The end result is the contestant chooses their favourite girl/guy before revealing themselves to one another. The choosen person had the option to ‘go on the date’ or ‘reject the date’, losing their breakfast for two at Shades. The three rounds featured either a male asking questions of three unseen females, or a female asking questions of three male contestants.



Congratulations to the contestants, they all received a date!!

Nat -> Nina

Terek -> Melanie

Pat -> Ursina


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Masquerade Party

Last night was our annual Masquerade Party held at Shades Wine Bar. We had teacher Jamie and Anj giving out the champagne and raffle tickets for the lucky door prize on arrival.



The masks the students made looked fantastic, while some came up with other creative ideas (i.e. Ninja Turtles).


When most of the students had arrived we started our speed dating game. 36 individuals were interested in finding a connection with somebody, whether friendship or love.



The game rules were simple; the guys had one minute to make a lasting impression to the girl, while the girl moved to a new date every minute. At the end of the speed dating the girls had to choose their favourite boy. If more than one girl chooses the same boy, the choice then became the boys to choose his favourite girl. For the lucky boys; Nat, Remo, and Phillip, who had more than one girl who had chosen them, they had the option to reject one of the two or three girls and choose their favourite. Nat was the only one not to reject any of the three girls and decided to take them all to the dance floor.


The couples then made their way to the dance floor where they were able to have a first dance, while Judges Jamie, Anj and Miriam watched on to determine the most compatible couple. Well done to Jorge and Akane for winning the best couple on the night, even as just friends they were the couple who were having the most fun together and have won a sunset cruise on Noosa River courtesy of the lovely ladies at Student Uni Travel!


Well done to the following winners;

Best Male Mask- Ludo

Runner up- Elio

Best Female Mask- Melanie

Runner up- Nina

Mask winners received a bottle of red wine and Swiss chocolates



Lucky Door Prize- Corine received a breakfast for 2 at Shades. 


Happy Valentine’s to all, I hope you all enjoyed your Masquerade Party!!!

It’s never too late to learn English!

Verena from Switzerland spent 6 weeks at Lexis Noosa, attending Nathaniel’s class and in addition having two hours per week intensive private lessons with our Senior teacher Annette.

Verena – and Annette- enjoyed their time together, going out for coffee, exploring the junction, going shopping whilst conversing in English. The benefits: Verena’s conversational skills improved a lot, her vocabulary expanded and her enthusiasm for learning grew with every day. Verena’s comment “ Too late to learn English? Too late is when you are dead!!!”


FCE students take their learning to the Eumundi Markets!

One of the questions FCE students are often faced with on part two of the writing paper is “Write a review”…

This can be a review about a concert, a play or a movie, a holiday or a place.  So, as a source of inspiration, we took the students to the famous Eumundi markets giving them the task to assess the markets for the purpose of writing a review for a tourist magazine.

The weather was perfect and with over 200 stalls to explore, the day was a long one finished off in true Aussie style with a few beers at the very traditional Eumundi Pub.

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Job Vaccancies

House Cleaner


Looking for a fortnightly house cleaner 2 hours per fortnight at $20.00 per hour. cash. You must have attention to detail please.

 Please call 0478615515

Farm Work- Pickers

Bean pickers required for a goomborian farm 7 day week work available paying by the kilo. Transport essential and experience required. Weeders also required and will be paid by the hour. Work will last at least until December

To apply, please email Bec Smith at Employment Services Queensland GYMPIE at

Noosa Soccer team 3-1 victory against Maroochydore

Our new Noosa soccer team was created with some very talented individuals, and yesterday marked the first game of the year against our rivalry team, Maroochydore. The team had a lovely yoga warm up followed by some soccer drills led by Pablo (a physical education teacher in Spain).


First half our team found it difficult to work together in their positions, leaving a few gaps in the field and allowing Maroochydore to score the first goal.

After our half time break and some motivational talk by coach Anj, Noosa began to find their rhythm on the field. With coach Anj coming on as a midfielder second half, she set a great example, after Phillipe send her a perfect cross and her first touch landed the ball in the back of the net. Noosa started to play in their position and work as part of a team. Some great work up front by Jorge, Pablo, Anj and Phillipe, and some great balls from Nat and Danny led to another goal scored by Phillipe. In the final five minutes of play, Maroochydore found it difficult to maintain possession in their half with some great defence from Romaine, Stephane, Jamie, Brett, Nolween and Caroline. Akane used her skills and speed up front passing through balls to our up front team, Marvyn and Jorge until Jorge kicked a beautiful goal in the back of the net bringing the score up 3-1 Noosa way.


Well done to everybody for their great team work and for Maroochydore team for making the trip up to Noosa and playing a solid game of soccer. Man of the Match was given to Phillipe and Women of the match were given to Akane for their consistent team work and brilliant skills on field!

After the match, both teams meet at Shades for an after match drink and some victory music and singing.






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Teaching Beginners.

Our Senior teacher Annette Sievert, recommends using role play as the perfect way to get beginner level students using language….

Role-play is any speaking activity when you act out an imaginary situation. Real life language can be activated and practiced, for example; ‘at the restaurant’, ‘checking in at the airport’, booking a holiday or short conversations at student night. Students are given a chance to rehearse their English in a safe environment. Real situations are created and students can benefit from the practice. Mistakes can be made with no drastic consequences.

Using role-play adds variety, a change of pace and opportunities for a lot of language production. It is fun and gives quieter students the chance to speak in a ‘safe’ environment. Of course the teacher has to believe that the activity will work and be quite prepared to ‘act the clown.

At beginner level students need to be thoroughly prepared.  Provide the language the students will need and make sure this language has been presented and practiced.  Students may need the extra support of having the language on the board or even on cue cards. It is important to drill beforehand so that when the role-play begins the students have all  the appropriate language.

The teacher may need to be:

Facilitator – feeding in new language

Spectator – watching and offering comments and advice

Participant – getting involved and playing a part

Realia and props can really bring a role-play to life. A suitcase or a simple sign with RECEPTION written on it can make the whole process more fun and memorable for the class. Rearranging the furniture can also help. If you are imagining you are at the tourist information office or at the doctor’s surgery try to make it as real as you can. Students can even leave the room and make an entrance by knocking on the door.

As students practice the role-play they might find that they are stuck for words and phrases. In the practice stage the teacher has a chance to ‘feed-in’ the appropriate language. This may need the teacher to act as a sort of ‘walking dictionary’, monitoring the class and offering assistance as and when necessary.
By doing so, students learn new vocabulary and structure in a natural and memorable environment. It is a chance to use real and natural language.

There are many ways to correct mistakes when using role-play. Don’t  jump in and correct every mistake as this is demotivating! Correct the language straight after a role-play while it is still fresh in their minds. Sentences with errors can be written on the board for the group to correct together. Fellow students may be able to correct some mistakes made by their peers. Students could be asked to listen out for both great bits of language they’d like to use themselves, and some mistakes they hear. Be careful to keep peer-correction a positive and profitable experience for all involved. Making a note of common mistakes yourself and dealing with them in future classes ensures that the students don’t lose motivation by being corrected on the spot or straight after the role-play. Negotiate with students and ask them how they would like to be corrected. Happy Role Play everyone!


Pictured: Nadia, Alexandre and Hyeongjun acting out a holiday 🙂



Mask Making for Masquerade Ball

The students are getting ready for their Masquerade Ball this Thursday with this Mask making activity. The party will be held at Shades Wine Bar and we have encourage the students to make their own masks for this Valentines Night event. There will be a prize for best mask on the night, and so far, it is too hard to pick a winner, all the masks look wonderful!!



For those who missed out, there will be another mask making activity on Wednesday the 12th February at 2pm! Happy mask making!


Welcome NEW Students

A big welcome to the new students who have arrived today. I hope you all have  a wonderful stay here in Noosa 🙂 🙂



From Left to right;

Back row: Pavla (Czech Republic), Jan (Switzerland), Arnaid (Switzerland), Alicia (France), Toni (Spain), Taeyung (Korea), Jorge (Spain), Pablo (Spain)

Front row: Felipe (Brazil), Noriko (Japan), Inhae (Korea), Kisook (Korea), Jacqueline (Switzerland), Camille (France), Yuki (Japan), Akane (Japan), Chihiro (Japan), Blazej (Czech Republic)

Spanish Drumming with Jordan

This activity was all about making some noise and Latino rhythm. We were lucky enough to have Jordan from Bistro C Latino nights come to the school and teach us how to play some South American instruments.


Lanyana Way was alive with the sounds coming from the college, even the staff across the road could here the drumming. Thanks again to Jordan for giving us his time and knowledge to have a bit fun on a Friday afternoon. 


The CAE classes visit Eumundi market!

Writing an article and giving an oral presentation is much more fun when it is based on a real life experience!

Eumundi is a small village nestled in the hills behind Noosa. What started as a small local market to sell home grown produce, preserves and handmade goods is now a world famous market that includes everything from live entertainment to psychic readings.

For the students it was a welcome break after their mock tests, however now they have to complete their assignments….Good luck guys 🙂

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Hello Again. :)

Meret Badertscher studied at Lexis English Noosa from September to November 2009. She was 19 and nervous of travelling so far from Switzerland. However, she had “the time of her life” and came back today to catch up with former friends and teachers.

Meret, former teacher Deborah Glover and Mariana

Meret, former teacher Deborah Glover and Mariana








Mariana Cordoso was in the same class as Meret, but Mariana never left Noosa. She secured a work sponsorship and is still here living the dream.  It was lovely to catch up with Meret again today.

Raw Food Workshop

Today’s Raw food workshop was presented by qualified Nutritionist, Anj.

This class introduced the students to Raw Food, and as well as being delicious to the eye and palate, the food is easy to prepare. Raw food is brimming with sunshine, nutrition and hydration, bringing you radiance and good health. It is a vegan diet and is excellent for people with food intolerance as the common culprits of wheat, dairy and refined sugar are naturally absent from the recipes.


The first recipe used was Raw Chocolate Cupcakes inspired by ‘The Health Chef’ website. These cup cakes base was made by walnuts, dates, cacao and vanilla extract. The icing was made with avocado, honey, cacao and vanilla essence and were decorated with a goji berry on top. This recipe was delicious, all the students and some staff member that had a chance to taste and all gave it the thumbs up. 


The hummus dip was one of my recipes that i have changed and altered over time to  come up with a perfect combination of ingredients. The students enjoyed this with some fresh chopped carrots and celery. 

The final recipe was my famous Green Smoothie, that i love to make after one of my Yoga session that provides me with a concentrated source of nutrients that the body easily absorbs. The great thing about a Green Smoothie is you can alter the recipe and add in your favourite greens and fruits or alter the ingredients depending on whats in season. This was another hit in the raw foods workshop. 


The best part about these classes is that it brings people together. At the end of the workshop the students are able to sit down, enjoy their delicious food they have created and practice their English 🙂


You can tell it is Noosa…….

……..when you see surfboards in the Cambridge class rooms!

fce 1 fce2





Our Cambridge First students are taking their mid course tests today and I was amused to see surfboards in the classrooms. The surf is pumping on the National Park points this week and these students obviously are heading straight to the beach as soon as the exams are over. Happy surfing guys 🙂

Our first morning Yoga session begins!!!

Lexis Noosa held their first morning yoga session at the school today, with a 7:30am start for all those yogi enthusiasts. These morning yoga session will be ongoing each Tuesday at 7:30am in Rm 10.

Today’s beginners class focused on a lovely spinal warm up, sun salutations and learning different poses, what muscles they work and how to correctly move your body into the pose using your breath. It was great to have a full class for our first morning yoga session 🙂


Join Anj for a wonderful start to your day next week at 7:30am with ‘Vinyasa Flow’. Please place your name down on the activities board to take part. Namasta 🙂

Tennis in Noosa

It was a lovely girls afternoon with some tennis in Noosa. The girls had a chance to take part in a friendly double competition creating themselves famous names. First round on court we had the unbeatable Martina Hingis and Maria Sharapova VS Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka.


                        Wawrinka (Melanie)               Federer (Corinne)             Hingis (Jolanda)

Hingis and Sharapova took out the first round 6-0 with the teams then changing for the second round. In the second round we had Wawrinka and Sharapova working together against Feds and Hingis. This was a tough match with both teams holding serve until the final round. with the song chant “we have to win, Wawrinka”, put Sharapova and Wawrinka out in front to break serve and win the match!


Great afternoon GIRLS! 🙂 🙂 🙂