Body Surfing and Body Boarding

The conditions were favourable down at Noosa on Wednesday with a nice easterly swell and southerly winds. The students were split up into two groups; one group was taken in between the flags and learnt how to body surf, while the other was taken by Lox (Billabong Pro Surfer) and learnt how to body board. After half an hour the groups swapped and try the other activity. A big thank you to Lox for giving us his time teaching the students, it seem like everybody had a great afternoon!



Monday Afternoon Beach Soccer

What a great day for a game of beach soccer 🙂


Perfect conditions down a Noosa Main Beach for this round robin knock out competition. Four teams of five were formed were each group played to their best potential to knock out the other team in a 15 minute game. 


In the end it was Jamie’s Team who played their best game of soccer, winning the competition!


Cambridge Speaking Exam Practice

To do well in the Cambridge speaking exam you need to have the vocabulary to talk on a wide range of topics, clear pronunciation and a good understanding of the exam time constraints whilst working with a partner. 



Part 1:  3 minutes. A conversation between the examiner and each candidate focusing on social language

Part 2:  1 minute for each candidate comparing and describing and expressing opinions.


Part 3:   3 minutes. A two-way conversation between the candidates. Exchanging ideas, justifying opinions  and negotiating.

Part 4:   4 minutes. A discussion on topics related to the previous task.

To do well you need to feel relaxed, confident and able to ‘show off’ your excellent English skills in the time allowed.

Of course practice makes perfect and what better way to practice then in a sun filled tropical courtyard.  Thank you to the Cambridge First classes for letting me take this lovely photo of you this week.

Welcome NEW Students!!

A big welcome to the new the students who arrived in Noosa today! Good luck with your studies and  I hope you all enjoy your time here 🙂 🙂



From left to right;

Back Row: Bo Gyeong (Korea), Naoki (Japan), Manu (Spain), Daniela (Switzerland), Gina (Switzerland), Pyenog Min (Korea), Javiera (Chile), Jin Ho (Korea)

Front Row: Risako (Japan), Miiku (Japan), Akemi (Japan), Nina (Switzerland), Chiho (Japn), Hiseh Hsin (Taiwan) 


Minute to Win It

Today’s ‘Minute to Win it’ activity is based on the premise that contestants have to accomplish different tasks within 60 seconds to win. The challenges range from keeping three balloons off the ground for 60 seconds to bouncing ping pongs into a cup. 

Well done to the following winners who could complete the activity in 60 seconds;

Ping Pong in a Cup

Felipe and Lox


Face the Cookie



Define Gravity



Breakfast Scrabble



Thank you for all who took part, and a special shout out to Felipe- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!!!


Lexis Noosa News – Pre Intermediate Style

Teachers Arlene and Freya joined their pre intermediate level classes this morning to showcase ‘Lexis Noosa News’.

Pic 2The purpose of these lessons is to take students beyond basic writing and speaking of English to coherent, self-expressive presentation. These activities also aim to provide an active learning environment and to promote independent studies. It was also a chance to work with new classmates and new nationalities.

Pic 1

Having studied the language for news and current affairs, the students worked in small groups to prepare a typical evening news team with reports, interviews and breaking news.


Pic 3Well done everyone, the presentations were really entertaining and we all enjoyed watching you.




Meet our new Homestay staff member- SAM :)

Sam has recently moved up from Sydney and joined the Homestay ladies here at  Noosa.  Sam’s role at the college is to assist students in finding suitable accommodation while studying here at Lexis. With her bubbly personality, I believe Sam will make a great addition to our team 🙂


“I recently moved to sunny Noosa after managing a lively fun backpackers in Sydney, Kings Cross for 3 years. I have travelled the East Coast & Great Ocean Road in a camper van, and visited Ayers rock, which was stunning.

I happily studied Graphic Design at University in the UK where I was born and raised, and was lucky enough to work on a cruise ship as a photographer that travelled the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and South America for 6 months.

I’m a qualified swimming instructor for young people, and am currently interested in learning sign language”